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cloud network hunting note: previous Hudl can say is a little-known application, unknown is also normal, but if you don’t know yet Hudl now, it will be out. Countless motion auxiliary class application on the market at present, and see how Hudl off led, shine brilliantly.

haven’t heard of Hudl? It is said that there are hundreds of thousands of teams to subscribe to it last year, total subscription cost up to $3000. What is the application of fire so? Hunting cloud network editor jun decryption for you. Hudl, is a installed on mobile devices, for the training of the coaches and players to provide video service applications, from 2006 since the establishment of never melts, but over the years it has quietly accumulated billions of video clips, and have 350 customers, more than 40 countries worldwide. Now, Hudl has all out, prepare and gets a rivals. The Accel led financing can be said to be swept, successfully raised $72.5 million, enough to let all people gaping! Money in place can hire more sales representatives, so that can sign with more team success.

however, Hudl will just a niche business? How many sports team will be in the form of video record their own game, let coach comments or share to a teammate? Have such doubt also understandable. However, with the popularity of mobile applications, everyone is using Hudl, high school team, the team at the university of in use, the NFL and NBA teams and other high-end also in use! The suspect is redundant, the answer is obvious.

these are, of course, have to pay, Hudl every year from high school and college teams in charge about $1400. The money is enough, it established a SaaS business and profit of $30 million in 2014.

so, Hudl exactly is stem what of? Let cloud network editor hunting jun give you detail. With Hudl, the coach can use it to record and upload video game for players on the mobile device to watch. Don’t look is pretty light, this is in the past, can be difficult to operate, especially when the athletes in a continuous movement, the details are often are difficult to catch. Now have a Hudl, these problems are solved, besides, the coach can Hudl video to add text, graphics and audio on the explanation to guide athletes right or wrong?

by Hudl, athletes will be able to collect all your video of the game, you can extract highlights of redistribution to Hudl home page, also it can be released to the social networking platform, or even directly to recruiters. At Hudl has support for a variety of sports, including football, baseball, basketball, tennis, golf and volleyball, and water skiing, skiing, and sledding.

Hudl Graff’s chief executive, David told me that, many high school team members will leave their Hudl links in Twitter personal home page. So even if some unknown players, also may have invited top schools, and the one who invites is watching the video on the Hudl phase them.

Fotu Leiato story is a typical example. That day was no different, he went to Washington Pierce High School (Steilacoom High School) see a D3 football game, rivals are scrambling to compete for, even in maneuver for the ball back to attack mercilessly malicious block, that left a deep impression on him. But this day is also significant, he play video on Hudl spread quickly and widely known, then have a super D1 team at the university of Oregon, university of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), and Michigan to invite him.

these video represents Hudl and a source of money widely enter channels, how do this words speak? Hudl wiser, it is inserted before the most popular video superposed advertising! And put the video to authorize like ESPN and Bleacher Report well-known sports media.

seed round of funding as early as 2008, Hudl will receive $3 million from angel investors, the financing led by Graff, the university of Nebraska at Lincoln’s friend John Wirtz and Brian Kaiser also involved. Hudl visibility is very low at the beginning, only a handful of teams to buy it, but the effect is very good after the trial, Hudl so fame, profit is also a rising tide lifts all boats. So it would not have to continue to finance, also need not spend money to advertise.

Hudl has changed, and now it has 4 offices, the number of employees reached 230. In addition, it also successfully into new markets, like UberSense support running and weight lifting individual athletes, are like ReplayAnalysis released video of England football super league club.

we said at the beginning, again Hudl raised $72.5 million. The financing of the investor Nelnet have Accel Partners, education services company and former Microsoft business President Jeff Raikes. Why should Hudl financing at this time so much? Graff told me that only the bank has enough money to do security, he can safely lead Hudl hold market invincible hand!

now, Hudl rivals is not in the minority, such as the focus of the NFL XOS, focus on the NBA Sportstec, and Krossover focus on high school team. With the development of mobile devices, video recording is more and more popular, so the video class start-ups between competition is very fierce! Hudl not afraid, however, there are Accel backing behind it. Accel, Graff said, although has helped many companies in the market invincible, the final victory, but Accel is always independent of market disputes, does not recognize these achievements. Even threatened to say Hudl Accel backing, is a strong word, but it provides financial assistance can actually help Hudl to a new level!

in the end, Graff says if Hudl public good for the public, he is willing to make it public, otherwise Hudl will always go on in the form of private enterprises. Hudl never with making money as a starting point, Graff concluded: “I love two things, sports and technology, in addition to them, I can’t find more suitable for my hobby.”

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