Company cooperate with starbucks, make coffee a DJ

3 months ago, starbucks began to stop using the CD. Company said it would stop selling physical album in February, a move that will undoubtedly hit with music from all over the world dream of independent artists. Although the move is unexpected, but it is also understandable: as a such a large scale, so widely cafes across the starbucks always walk in the forefront of science and technology,

nowadays, starbucks in declared its plan for the future of the music, with the help of the advanced technology of Clove and payment based on app to play music. In order to complete this plan, starbucks and 8 large-scale cooperation. Both sides just released their “a new generation of music ecosystem” program startup, and promised more information will be released to the public in the future. On the surface, they showed would like to together to make music more interactive and open.

since the autumn, the company will start to be in the United States, followed by the UK and Canada) 7000 starbucks default music source. All starbucks employees can enjoy services like senior services, usually $10 a month. They can use the service in the store play music. “We are here to make coffee D.J.,” CEO Daniel Ek said in a telephone conversation. But customers are also in the role play: they will be able to point song.

if the guests to enjoy their music on demand, that is not in the starbucks too would anyone use headphones listening to music? Maybe. Starbucks employees are already eagerly looking forward to the arrival of the new privileges. (also may be due to finally get rid of the repeated all day listen to employees with several piece.)

on comprehensive data processing seem to promote the development of the project; Starbucks company business development director Jorge Espinel repeatedly mentioned the most impressive is constantly breaking new artistic thinking and promote restoring ancient ways. “Starbucks over the years is the trend of music,” he said. Provided by the company is expanding and share the trend tool, however, the goal is to make starbucks music footprint spread more widely. When you leave the coffee shop, starbucks company and hope that you can be delicious for the consumption: here’s a list of starbucks’ song, contains all the songs in the 20 years.

Espinel explained that this is “natural selection” : starbucks need to upgrade technology, the company need a credible partner. Face rivals onslaught and like Jay Z and Taylor Swift celebrities such as the generally negative evaluation, obviously such cooperation is particularly important for company, company very urgently need people to pay for its services. From the company app and Song of the Week is recommended to CD sales, starbucks marketing ability is far more than coffee. Will be strongly recommended as part of the agreement, starbucks company Premium service, you may even have to sponsored by services like coffee. This is the first time starbucks is so generous to a third party, if the move from physical to stimulate new subscribers and new users, increase the probability of starbucks guest secondary consumption, it will be about the three examples of successful collaboration is very influential.

company plan is clear: it wanted to spread all over the world, like starbucks. “They can transfer trend, help people to understand our product, the trend of” Espinel said. Thanks to all the cooperation relations, the recent your Uber drivers: thank you so much for the BMW, also thanks to Bonnaroo for use Uber. In terms of starbucks, in addition to revenue may have already had consulted, it let the company once again with the cutting-edge technology and music tide station foot heel, and after the long struggle to make a large enterprise looks more like a local coffee shop.


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