Comic island: main secondary yuan social cartoon pictures in the first year to “jia garden”

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

cartoon island is a cartoon enthusiasts technically to make comic reading APP, the main secondary yuan read comic “the most comprehensive software, interactive community the most funny cartoons, and the best original comic platform” the three major characteristics, meet many fan selection.

users at home and abroad on the island of comic reading love all kinds of cartoons, see joy can notation, share a key to social account. Comic island community, many secondary yuan fan together discuss the anime. In addition, as an original works display platform, the emerging Chinese comic writers can be published on the island of comic and serial original works of their own. Comic island team main secondary yuan pictures social function, especially in this section, pictures of DIY, barrage jokes, comic book reviews such functions have been launched in succession.

founder Liu Huimin is a secondary yuan fan, claims to her literary and artistic young women, all linked to the Internet, do game, electric business, dating, etc; Co-founder old yu had 14 years experience on the Internet, a former several Internet company executives, he is also a cartoon angel island; Comic island product manager worked as product manager at onepiece website before.

“team a total of ten to individuals, including product, technology, etc. ACG team secondary yuan fanatical fan many, every minute can be imaginative, and cute, abdomen black, spoiled various properties, so our team is a very happy very funny than.” Liu Huimin convective cloud network said that her favorite cartoon is Japan’s “baseball heroes”, “at that time, laughed and cried for this anime, peony and da is the epitome of youth. Pencil case that paragraph of time I found when I was a child, it also put “target jia garden” five characters, thought for the college entrance examination and friends laughed nearby while studying hard day, my garden eventually jia vigorous arrived.”

“before starting a business, we studied the market, with little cartoon software on the market, but young people’s demand for comic, particularly large and the cartoon industry in China is still at the early stage, the reference trajectory of Japanese cartoon industry, we have a very big development space, so the cartoon type of APP are you doing, so everyone will group did!” Liu Huimin interpretation of hunting you do so the purpose of the cartoon island.

business model, cartoon island team from depth IP operation, thereby to ACG animation industry chain, such as the above mentioned games, animation, film and television and surrounding, etc.). Comic island at the beginning of the project started, angel rounds of financing millions of RMB, the current team has officially launched the Pre – A wheel.

IP cartoons in the first year, comics and there are a number of mobile Internet project. Read comic resources such as the main type of cloth card cartoon, tencent, anime, etc; Original cartoon gathered platform such as hunting before cloud network reported; And such as, revolves around comic book. Will read comic cartoons island, two dimensional images into social, original cartoon platform, could you please do the every function, do deep, remains to be seen.