Comfortable massage teacher platform sole 】 【 5 million investment

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cloud network hunting recently learned a called comfortable product, this product this year 1 began in micro letter platform, in the end of this month formally in micro letter online platform, App is under construction. Founder Tan Jun told cloud network exclusive hunting, comfortable has completed 500 angel rounds of financing.

in the field of O2O door-to-door service, self-built team became the focus, entrepreneurs are on the path of self-built. Entrepreneurs think up platform is not good to control, such as hunting cloud network reported previously kung fu and the great bear O2O door-to-door massage, all adopt the self-built team mode. Hunting cloud network has focused on the “comfortable”, takes a different approach, select the mode of the platform.

founder Tan Jun is comfortable and consulting partner, there are two entrepreneurial experience, is also a P2P project e rent treasure’s co-founder, 8 years working experience in consulting, make Tan Jun of traditional industry and Internet industry has its own opinion, which is comfortable, please choose the main reason for the platform.

why choose O2O the door massage?

Tan Jun told hunting cloud network: “O2O into people’s life style will be in the future, and the market demand is very big also, have a certain space for development. The door massage is the high frequency of service, comfortable to liberate crafts people as breakthrough point, to build a platform for it.”

as for the above mentioned is bad, the problem of control platform personnel Tan Jun also gave you hunt a good explanation: “in the field of O2O, flow rate and the price is not the real problem, and professional service is the most important thing.”

avoid self-built team, take up platform model

comfortable right now has more than 20 full-time massage teacher, in terms of screening technician, professional degree, professional knowledge, communication skills, personal hygiene, and so on and so forth are the inspection standards.

about door-to-door service, comfortable technicians in dress, service equipment and processes are formulated the unified standard, in addition, comfortable, please also provide consumers with massages bed (folding massages bed, in the toolbox is convenient), considering the safety, comfortable for recorder masseur wearing.

consumers online order, pay one step, in order to guarantee the benefit of the massage therapist, comfortable, also can give a masseuse base salary per month, but the transportation cost and the wastage of the material by massage therapists.

comfortable characteristic advantage

management, comfortable to massage professional culture and personal accomplishment has certain training, not only to maximize the interests of the massage therapist, and at the same time, more let masseuse get respect on this platform.

technicians, in order to ensure the quality of service platform technicians, comfortable for technicians to form a set of standards, this is mainly embodied in the consumer evaluation on the platform of customer service also will telephone return visit to the consumer.

in the App, the massage therapist’s personal image, professional skills and personal information will be presented to the consumer in a business card form, make the massage therapist has incentive to promote themselves, but also decrease the jump list. , of course, in order to guarantee the rights of the platform, also has a restriction mechanism to the technician, such as massage therapist after send single didn’t go to complete orders, so it will be according to the different levels to massage the corresponding punishment.

comfortable hasn’t officially launched WeChat platform, expect no substantial publicity, Tan Jun tell hunting cloud network: “although the product has not yet been launched, but comfortable taking online (SEO), social media, brand propaganda line, the method of combining now has the user base, later will be more efforts to promote.”

comfortable service range is now in Beijing area, the future will be a nationwide service. All aspects because of the comfortable right belongs to the start-up stage, is not perfect, but will be standardized management. Tan Jun said: “the problem of the long-term orientation is to establish a platform for the craftsmen, but the future will be in a certain service segments (increase children massage, beauty massage, massage to lose weight, viscera, dysmenorrhea massage), even if the current in a price war to every field, but comfortable or spoke with professional service, service to win.”