Comfortable add: huawei people do massage door-to-door service, “when you come to a massage teacher, married!”

(article/who 闫森)

is still to come,,, beauty, beauty director, door to door. And door to door delivery, door-to-door small hot pot. Is really eating hot pot singing, lazy users to enjoy the convenience economic spring tide, the craftsman got the early liberation.

door-to-door service should not only gather together in Beijing, Shanghai. Shenzhen entrepreneurs also joined the “liberation” artisan ideal, comfortable, is currently the shenzhen first Internet start-ups to massage service, there are 30 massage teacher for professionals providing massage services, location can be at home, also optional office. Comfortable and founder ZangYang tell hunting cloud network states: “we usually like to do things solid, including the teacher how the door knocking at the door, how hard, we have done a lot of training .”

the massage service “standardised”

tell hunting cloud network ZangYang states: “the liberation of the ideal of craftsmen, comfortable and at this stage the main or word of mouth, about teacher evaluation our standard is also very strict, more than three years working experience, must have the qualification certificate, the master has a guaranteed minimum wage, we also don’t master into, returns all owned by them. Our technician team management Yang Ziying, used to be in changsha the massage movement orthopaedic hospital rehabilitation physician. Door-to-door service the hardest part is actually on the standardization of services, we do massage standardized customization, the craftsman at the time of service they can do it without touching standard personalized massage. This is the most important part of word of mouth.

early do first scene “office”

the comfortable massage services for individuals and corporate clients, personal massage after this stage is not the point. For enterprise customers to provide 2 to 3 hours of free activities, in view of the company staff office computer for a long time, the lack of activity in the body fatigue massage regulate sub-health. From time to time we have a little surprise, ZangYang states tell hunting cloud network: in a massage teacher to users in the process of massage if feel physical discomfort, such as cervical vertebra. You can return to the company directly express give users a U back cushion, can also be written a letter suggested that regulate at the same time.

the massage is only the first step, the service mode can longer

to pull in the future this kind of thing, hunting cloud network still very cautious, industry too many bubbles, entrepreneurs are rushing to do the business platform. Comfortable with ZangYang state to hunt cloud network chat is another scene in the future. Make a description here.

1: comfortable with future and insurance company cooperation, master the massage the door, with a temporary insurance experience, users don’t need to burden other costs, is a form of “envelope live ads”. Also need not to sell, the user to take voluntary form, into a single after the split.

2: edition “lanxiang” massage industry. Didn’t listen to wrong, to do school, can also be seen as training institutions. Let experienced teacher with novice, or want to work in the massage industry. Internal transformation or market distribution after graduation. The future likely to encounter “massage, high-paying jobs, massage never unemployment, when you come to a massage teacher married”, well, don’t be surprised. Liberation of the craftsman is so capricious!

3: have a sense of Internet technology play, massage teacher in the process of service, to tell the user need to recuperate the body discomfort place, such as the daily dietary advice. Best can let users offered to massage teacher give the short massage plan, private custom do massage. No conversion of users, the teacher will give the user a massage at the end of the service body toning suggested version of the email. Let the user knows oneself body state, accomplish know prevention in advance. Background will massage health data statistics users at the same time, the optimization for subsequent massage technique “personalized” to provide the reference, and in the future cooperation on commercial insurance can also provide data for reference.

team, comfortable ZangYang states graduated from Beijing university founder, huawei overseas customer manager before, as a serial entrepreneur. Co-founder Huang Wencai graduated from tianjin university, previously is huawei Sudan systems, director of “love running” founder of the club. CMO Liu Yuxin previously in dubai, a subsidiary of huawei terminal supervisor, the CTO method was founded in the power of the liang dynasty technical director, neusoft group chief architect, have management experience of over 200 technical team.