Come away: travel version of the “Momo”, can move before and after “about” up

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at present, the tourism market has been go giants such as ctrip, occupation, but it still has a lot of segmentation in tourism demand failed to solve, such as parent-child swimming, family travel, swim together, etc. According to the survey in 80, 90 after traveling about 290 million users, and they are major groups customized travel service from the Internet. They most want to meet in the process of the journey. It also belongs to a vertical market segments, stranger social travel have common hobbies, behavior of a stranger, more closely related.

at the same time, the companionship of travel is a lot of tourists eager to solve, is also a lot of people eventually decide whether to travel decision factor. Between a lot of tourist small white want to travel and have no all travel together and take the wrong with intricate psychological, say come away is designed for travelers to solve travel together with strangers travel difficult.

say come away is a product design logic covered before the trip, and after traveling and not interested in social four stages of tourist interest in social software, to provide users with travel, attractions, travel route recommended hot topic sharing, destination, looking for local services.

before the trip, released by the user independent travel plans about swim together, through the “landlord” positioning search travel destination locals, contact with local people in advance to provide the tour guide, a home stay facility, charter, driver, etc; Travel through the “roaming channel” location search nearby friends, find nearby carpooling spell eat together with people of live together play, etc.; Travel organization users establish tourism topic share themselves have been to a good place to eat the good things to share information for other users with demand.

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said come away thinking, science and technology co., LTD belongs to chengdu, founder of the wing Yin lee graduated from sichuan university, and sichuan normal university itself is love drive keen tourer, as “greetings” nature outdoor club secretary, co-founder of Chiang is mainly responsible for the Internet and mobile Internet projects of research and development operations. “The company is located in chengdu tianfu new valley” Internet startup hubs, at present there are 11 people team, respectively from the high investment group, tencent, ctrip, tin man, and other well-known companies; Each member of the team is doing the thing that oneself like, think interested in dating engine must be in the future tourism industry market.

according to hunt cloud network to understand the current tourism type of APP, all the core functions of both are scheduled travel guides, ticketing, travel to share, schedule planning, scenic area tourism APP, such as navigation, of course, there are like, walkers, and travel together to play with similar tourism social products come away. Although the starting point of products are the same, but mostly prefer to travel in the local tourism services on the market this piece, say come away more interest in travel about swimming, more like a travel version of the “Momo”. This is mainly embodied in the “circle” tourist topic discussion and “swim” about tourism and chat together three big functions on , this also is the core of the said come away. Using the “circle” tourist topic investigation familiar with user needs and preferences, and then put the interests of the same travellers together, through the group of the main chat to let them know the friend from all over the country have the same hobbies, so as to realize the independent travel together about swimming, both increase the probability of about swim together, also improve the viscosity of users.

the whole, the current tourism market together most photogenic corresponding APP has received investment, tourism social market has begun to be recognized capital. But if there is no out there. Domestic majority of caravans traveling APP just doing a small piece of the market, is picking up people in the travel. “a complete social travel travel should be when making travel plans before Posting or search together interested in travel, travel can pick up with the same destination or have a similar destination, after arriving at our destination, to the destination of the local people invited to accompany; Arrived at the destination, need temporary visitors spell eating carpooling spell playing together live together, to find the locals to do the wizard, “wing Yin lee convective cloud network said. So come away and other products of different also reflected in the user when traveling to also can finish the interest in social status.

about the business model, tell hunting cloud network team, the first major is to provide personalized travel products buy recommendations, according to the precise positioning of travel interest users, to provide users with personalized travel service; Followed by advertisers, theme activities way for advertising, sponsor districts can also access baidu WangMeng, hawkeye mobile advertising, etc.

team told hunting cloud network, come away in August 2014 online, downloaded from the 360 mobile phone assistant, millet store, lenovo music store, tencent treasure, such as application market recommendations, so far, the accumulation of the android market downloads to 20 + ten thousand times, active users was 35%, 12% active. In 2015, we mainly around the application market, search engines, social media, network media, mobile advertising five big platform for planning and execution, strive for a year to reach 5 million downloads. Said the next come away hope as soon as possible into the angel round, to speed up the whole team’s efforts on expansion and market operation, increase strength and stimulate the user UGC content product promotion, train user viscosity by word of mouth. In the future, will be in the direction of travel in social do key vertical infiltration.