Combination of online and offline, “sports cool” hope for the user to create a social movement

(text/Yang Sihui)

cloud network hunting note: cool online in January 2014, is a comprehensive sports platform, social circle, the movement data of app, after repeated revision after different trials, and in February launched version 2.0, about three months to 100000 users, daily living around 5000. learned, movement and cool since the launch of the project start-up capital are founding team contribution, invested about 2 million, is now officially launched the angel round.


movement launched the product for c, based on LBS of coaches, sports venues, such as information collection, to provide sports fans in vertical search services in the field of sports. After the product launch, the actual effect is not ideal, there is something wrong with the team gradually aware of the direction, and to some revision, in June 2014, launched a new version. After that, the movement was cool app store rated as “excellent app”, increase to 2-30000. Because the team will focus on research and development products, lack of the management of the operations team operation, users retained appeared some problems.

in February, the new version of the movement and cool online, has carried on the simple treatment to the page, highlight the “online community” and “offline” two functions, will be looking for a partner, looking for group, looking for a coach, venues, and other functions into a search box. In the circle, the user can according to their own preferences of sports add, attention, can find like-minded people, to communicate to share. As for active plate, currently only open to have certain appeal organization or individual activity function of information release, ordinary users no publishing rights.

utpala explains: “if the activities are open to all ordinary users release function, easy to cause mismanagement or poorly organized, they also have no so big of appeal called the crowd to participate in the activities.” Although launch permission to shut down, but the average user can select interested in choose to attend the activities, it also guarantees the activity information issued by the real and effective.

rituximab, said: “we are targeting to sports fans a community, namely” circle “. Also provide folk event organizers distribution channels, namely ‘activities’, movement and cool in which have the effect of management coordination do, let the user get activity information through sports and cool. We ultimately want to achieve is, no matter what the user wants to play sports can be found in the circle of appropriate activities, venues, partner.”

cool movement is another important function of data integration of all kinds of sports bracelets and App, here is a complete movement data summary, can also participate in sports ranking war, and share the wraps to pk with friends.

at present, the movement and cool users has increased to 100000 +, living volume reached 5000 +. Team of 15 people, have a operation team is responsible for the 5 people online “circle” of the building. Co-founder and CEO Jiang Linna union is responsible for the movement and cool team management, marketing and financing plan; Co-founder and director of product rituximab is responsible for the movement and cool product architecture planning and design; Co-founder and COO nelsane is responsible for the movement and cool project management, resource planning and business cooperation.

in later development, movement and cool will also join the payment system, help organize activities of pay user fees to the participants. Movement and cool will still take chengdu as the research and development center, two stages to national development. The first stage goal is to Beijing, Shanghai branch. The second stage plan in the next 2-3 years, covering 10 major cities, through the provincial cities nationwide, finally according to the users to select the office building. Cool in the end, the movement’s goal is to have 5000 w + total users, become mobile terminal electric sports market, sports market segment precision marketing platform and data entry.

business model, rituximab, when users reach a certain base, can begin to provide venues (CRM), online booking service, or through movement and cool in the advertisement information display can also reap the benefits. In addition, the movement and cool has launched the angel round financing plan.