College students part-time platform “agent deer” from part-time job cuts 200 million new blue-collar job

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under the vertical segment of the industry trend, has few college students go to 58 city and market network to find a part-time job. Search “part-time” in the App store, there will be a lot of relevant software, cloud network has also reported such as hunting,,,,,,,, and other start-ups . Part-time college students is the demand has been, agent wen-hua zhou, founder of the deer also aim at the market, as a college students part-time platform.

wen-hua zhou is a serial entrepreneur Internet veteran, start a business in 2004, founded in 2006 in the law net, is a focus of blue-collar recruitment website, more than eight years experience in the Internet recruitment business, that he has a very deep understanding on human resources; Co-founder Guo Xuwei at zhaopin, thousand net is responsible for business operations; Meng Guangceng Ren Zhilian campus department manager, is the campus recruitment of senior experts. Other core members mainly from companies such as alibaba, beauty group, baidu glutinous rice.

about college students part-time, wen-hua zhou said analysis, the traditional part-time market information asymmetry and the part-time only take money without any guarantee, black intermediary does not provide the actual service and so on. While 58, fair, and the domestic many part-time class App, just as information release platform, no credit guarantee mechanism, lead to false information, experience is very poor. Wen-hua zhou think that college students part-time job should be the essence of “trade”, is “the enterprise pay for students’ spare time”, so the deer adopts the model of the trading platform, first to ensure that information is reliable; Second sign offer mobile services, let both sides direct docking; Also provide payment services, forming trading closed loop; Finally both sides mutual, build a credit system.

in addition to the unprecedented transaction platform mode, explore the deer “advance payments” is put forward, to ensure that the user “part-time” zero risk. Also because of the ultimate pursuit of deer agent on the user experience and Internet subvert our play, launched a few months time and then got good grades, in the pilot city of zhengzhou, service around 500 passengers per day, the peak can reach more than 1000 people, total service more than students. Schema validation, leaned deer next to replicated in other cities.

mention why college students part-time market, wen-hua zhou told hunting cloud network: “a part-time job is the highest frequency of blue-collar job, is a good starting point, the future can use part-time in the process of the accumulated resources and advantages to infiltrate the mainly after 80, 90, 200 million new blue-collar employment service market, and it will be a very imaginative stage.” So far, explore the deer in the pilot city of zhengzhou service people to 500 people a day, the peak above 1000, has been serving more than 10000 college students.

about late profit, the early stage of the precipitation of user data can help to explore the deer do internships and school recruit. Agent deer the high frequency point of part-time do new blue-collar job, feature lies in its closed loop trading patterns, the part-time class software did not make deal closed loop, therein lies the deer’s uniqueness.

the domestic college students part-time platform “agent deer” in March 10 million yuan angel financing, venture investors are blue. The expansion of this round of funding will be used in other cities, out deer plans will service scope expansion this year to 15-18 cities.