College students in installment of the different ways of fission products: meow loans to do the reconstruction of the age of the Internet financial structure

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the financing news that college students stage market is the industry’s entrepreneurs some restless mood, boring stage, stage music has entered the stage financing faction, often not to push the team of one thousand people are embarrassed to say to the media, burn PK, PR, marketing concepts, speculation activities… In the industry has been “Internet thinking” kidnapping, entrepreneurs to think more, want to pursue the laws of the Internet, fast! Monkey quickly cover, enclosure, rapid financing, rapid expansion. Meow loan, however, have to say it’s a low profile in the industry to slightly “alternative”.

recent cloud network hunting through the investment channels to know college students stage brand meow ongoing round big loan financing plan, and participate in organizations is a very famous investment company. However, in the face of the media, meow, head of the loan did quite low key: “we are in a prudent investment agency contact and screening, for us, the at this stage in the new round of capital, the most important still is the investor whether the resources behind the docking ability can benefit our current stage of the overall financial matrix layout .”

it is known that meow to borrow the establishment of the background and several other students stage products are different, “ we are on the basis of the parent company in the field of financial products for internal business incubation. For brand meow loan, we first positioning is financial services, followed by the Internet .”

【 financial VS Internet attribute

mentioned the concept of the Internet financial meow credit team tell hunting cloud network, credit financing, payment is different from other market sales business, it is the process of metonymy revenue after first, although in the context of the current market, therefore, requires Internet financial related enterprise in addition to the need to have the Internet “quick” gene, core remains must be the financial attributes. “If there is no financial properties, the most intuitive is bad loans risk .”

“real rigorous financial institutions, will not promote their financial risk control all day is how to do, what process is what kind, itself that is not precise. The simplest example: if you put your audit risk control process are made public, fraud group can very easily according to your audit risk control process for fraud.” When asked about meow credit risk control process, the relevant head said. “ actually you can put our understanding for a geared to the needs of young people, rooted in the Internet bank, and of course our risk control, audit and so on many management link is similar to traditional bank .”

“at this point we may be different from any other undergraduate stage product, as a financial background of enterprise, whether from the parent company or meow itself brand, we from the start, the development direction of positioning themselves in the Internet bank, literally doing customer service.”

“to do the future financial landscape of reengineering”

in meow credit view, Internet bank is subversive to the traditional bank to change, is the future financial landscape reconstruction. “Is popular, the traditional bank completely moved to the Internet, realize all bank business operations .”

The relevant person in charge of

tell hunting cloud network, the Internet is one of the most obvious difference between bank and traditional bank, the bank of the Internet, without, global service, business completely carried out on the web; By Internet technology, not only can cancel the physical network and reduce the cost, such as human resources compared with the traditional bank, can gain more rapid development of Internet technology, has a very strong security platform, ensure all operations are completed online, never leave home, the process is simple, convenient, fast and efficient service, reliable and real 7 * 24 hours service, never stopping.

“centered on the customer experience, using the Internet to financial services, both traditional financial YanJin, norm, more compatible with the age of the Internet is efficient, transparent, the global Internet, it is the inevitable development direction of the future bank, and meow to borrow in the future is to make the financial institutions.”

the meow to borrow at the core of the product is mainly for college students’ group exclusive instalments services, credit services and coverage of college students’ daily consumption scenarios, can provide daily consumption and entertainment and other college microfinance generation payment services. Plus meow parent company already have the payment platform function. at present, meow has basically completed the loan period from credit, credit loans, credit and settlement, generation paid, a few big Banks regular service of Internet to change the layout. It’s not hard to guess, meow to borrow the next step might be to financial services or related business extension to improve their overall financial matrix.

the hunting cloud network also from meow to borrow the related staff of the basic confirmed: “meow loans have been according to their own financial arrangement in financial products use habits of young people. stage is the first step, the second step is to high frequency of consumer credit business, the future we will launch for graduates of related products. Purpose is to accompany the growth of young people, meet the demand of their financial consumer services in different stages .”

【 to users is not occupied, but cultivate 】

when hunting cloud network asked meow of university loan market occupation strategy, meow loan replied: “because there is no private credit system in China, and is not the same as consumer lending. So tell from the status quo, as long as qualified college students, can be one of the credit and any installment platform for university borrowing, so it’s likely the college students in the stage to enjoy the benefits of credit, as well as to interest in installment, meow to borrow for lending. so called quickly occupy the market, only to help college students to popularize the credit consumption of convenience and benefits. But who can truly grasp the user, by user use habits and the solid service. And this is what the college students’ credit consumption is generally lack of .”

at present, meow loans in meet the demand of college students’ consumption in installment and credit payment at the same time, also pay more attention to the cultivation of college students’ financial concepts, financial habits. “We are using the correct credit consumption to cultivate college students. Therefore meow not easily launch interest-free loan, interest or make these forms, imagine after entering society, often arouse interest with which bank card? Another which is interest-free financial products?”

“the cultivation of the user must be a long-term process, the so in the early stages of the build campus channel meow credit, we will set up their own” meow homecoming “membership organization, aimed at college students pass personal credit reporting and financial information and organize regular financial knowledge training , guide students to value their own credit value, hope that they form a healthy consumption, financial management concept. “

the student market is a big gold mine, socialization, logistics, electricity, Internet financial have Internet practitioners in the field of its ambitions. And the ultimate goal of various products in the field of college students in installment. In hunting cloud network point of view, meow loans are constantly in college students groups, thanks to the traditional financial system of systematic risk control model, filtering and accumulate a batch of real quality and have a wider development potential of young people, through constant innovation, their “financial service demand chain”, and finally formed in this process is rooted in the Internet era of financial consumption habits and a new ecosystem.