College students establish hunger guest to order platform, is to replicate hungry or change?

(text/yan-mei wu)

when it comes to order platform, everyone familiar – hungry, America, baidu takeout, and so on, many people may think, the industry platform dense rise, small platform whether there is any chance to regain its market?

today I want to report a originated in Shanghai fengxian campus near university town outside catering to send platform project — – hungry guest, guide to review the restaurant O2O generalized growth process. At the same time for investors generally be repeated measure to evaluate college students’ entrepreneurial projects, review on the Internet start-ups under the influence of college students is how to explore the road of entrepreneurship, in the early how under the torrent of time to complete for business as well as the thinking of life.

hunger guest to the business model and product path and the general based on campus take-out platform basic same, because this is a new market. Patterns are the same, in the early, after all, to solve the industry’s pain points is the source of products have a foothold and ideas, and of course money demand.

hunger through a third party platform to complete the micro letter to public construction, at the same time develop web sites. At present the main function is a quick reservation services in schools. The final goal is based on the school, one kilometer. Self-built distribution team, each building recruiting there, periods of low early users are responsible for the entire process, including the last kilometer.

team are equipped with push personnel, five to push the personnel responsible for signing the businessman will be near. Now the problem is many businesses don’t want to move into small platform, in order to break through the situation develop business platform for trust, hungry guest to the team on promises to businesses in the first month free early check in platform, effectively increase the number of merchants.

the current hunger guest to the way in three stages: the first network promotion, in every secondary school of micro letter by the public, the campus post bar and public QQ group promotion. Second, handing out leaflets. Third, it is in the campus traffic more public attention to push in the square. This several ways though the form is more traditional, but focus user-oriented, price sensitive group of students, it is still not effective. Comrade deng xiaoping said: regardless of a cat, a good cat catches mice.

the next step is to ask, every restaurant O2O have to face the price war, subsidies, free, discount. Take-out belongs to high frequency business, consumers’ subsidies are more sensitive, so ‘burn’ becomes each big takeaway O2O platform grab market the most effective way. But as a campus platform is currently not supported larger efforts of preferential policies. Hunger now to build a customer the exclusive meal vouchers, similar to cash vouchers, to “smart” generation “hao”, attracts the attention from the early users.

compared with other large room platform, hungry guests to CEO JiJiaMing said the current advantage is relative and team room rate can guarantee the rapid and accurate, and “one-stop” work style to the students. The future will open the breakfast business, through the night before the order ahead of time, the team set to distribution. When it comes to guarantee rate, distribution of merchants JiJiaMing said to be the priority for preferential to contribute.

is divided into mechanism is the businessman if any team out, by 10%, if depend on hunger guest to the distribution of team according to 15%. Many businesses for distribution team to cooperate, in order to expand their population. When it comes to profit model, the JiJiaMing style also slightly insufficient, said the current can only in accordance with the commission to remain profitable. Profit is take-out platform is not imagination of so optimistic, the existing Internet profit model is difficult to directly apply. For the current situation of the network delivery, is still in the state of education market, the market has not really form.

hunger for customers is the founding principle of JiJiaMing and his friend to help businesses to send leaflets to earn living expenses, gradually found that many businesses have the demand of the delivery, so want to school nearby shops integrated into a platform, set up team to be delivered to the outside, in the business focus publicity at the same time also can meet the business needs to be delivered to the outside. Start school at the early stage of the promotion of businesses, college students’ entrepreneurship shop around, this part of the crowd to better understand the advantages of the Internet also relatively more want to use the Internet platform, secondly improve surrounding businesses with Internet platform for cooperation, to attract businessman.

although many college students entrepreneurial teams are the cause of college students want to get a project to find the opportunity to earn some living expenses, solve some market (second to make a career. Now many students involved in delivery platform in this area, this may be their first try of the business, their hope and explore. Although off-campus sent O2O model introduction to plain technology content is not big, but it can quickly set up after service, the early stage of the process is relatively short, oriented to entrepreneurship and relatively familiar circle of university, college students can find their obvious advantages of keen. Constantly explore and experience at the same time, college students may be changing the pattern of the campus market, no longer do a replica, but the cocoon into a butterfly, have their own pattern. Such as house meters, such as hungry?

in the future on the development of hunger to convective cloud network, said: the future will focus on promotion of relatively remote and beautiful group and hungry yao is not completely cover the school to obtain, bypassing the market. Although also do last station with m, but home meters on the mode of cooperation and segmentation of campus supermarket. And hunger guest to represent in the future will be based on meal delivery platform, make a monthly plan such as planning, breakfast included the product user experience. Is currently not clear further profit model, the team wants to do platform, to build the campus traffic entrance, later will look for a second as he walked.