College students entrepreneurship programs, wu empty campus has being A round of funding

cloud network hunting on February 4 messages (text/jing-jing fan)

the university campus is an important hub of culture, of the university students group of entrepreneurial projects is also emerge in endlessly, such as, and etc. Today to introduce “the wu is empty campus” is made up of college students’ entrepreneurial project, located in campus life entertainment community, original intention is to build a platform of interactive entertainment and cultural exchange between colleges and universities.

wukong belonging to guangzhou 珸 empty campus network technology co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as the wu is empty to foreign network), is invested by dongsheng LingShi wukong community youth entrepreneurship incubator project. The initial team members from guangdong foreign studies university, guangdong university of technology as well as college students of guangdong college of pharmacy. Team called the master elder brother is the wu is empty campus early He Xianglin mentors and CEO. Now the co-founder and CEO of jin-cherng Chen is a senior student, at present there are more than 30 people, team responsible for product operation, channel development, marketing and business cooperation, etc. In December 2014, wu empty campus obtained by dongsheng LingShi led, several private equity funds, and being A round of funding.

wu empty campus has three core functions: valuable output port of the campus information; Based on the interest in entertainment circle cultural community; Campus communication platform based on common interests. as a college student campus life entertainment community, the wu is empty campus, long-term positioning is wants to become a Chinese youth culture heights of mobile Internet era. Here you can experience from different colleges and universities campus culture atmosphere, interactive entertainment, learn each other.

the campus social platform on the market now is mostly “hormone economy” as the leading thought of the social, jin-cherng Chen in hunting cloud network in an interview, in this era of social media to start flying, pure social form is too single, hard to attract users, platform lack of interested in content, is difficult to retain users. Based on this the wu is empty team from entertainment life on campus as the breakthrough point, content of self-control, self-built platform, entertainment on campus ecosystem.

the wu is empty campus co-founder and CEO jin-cherng Chen

it is understood that the wu is empty campus is the wu is empty community youth entrepreneurship incubator project, in addition, the wu is empty youth entrepreneurship hatch community also has focused on the wu is empty of campus music creative music, focus on the campus of the wu is empty, film and television, film and television products and micro films, and focus on the creative design of campus creative 72 change all the chips and other projects. These projects will become mature independent companies, but the content is Shared through all the data. In addition, the team is also in the continuous improvement of the wu is empty youth entrepreneurial community architecture, entrepreneurial community now has a technology center, the brand center, venture capital funds, etc.

this content is king in the present era of mobile Internet, jin-cherng Chen think that only their own content and services well, didn’t competitive at all. As long as have good content, user viscosity will be bigger, then transition to other social and service to users. Same as 90 after the start-up companies, such as part-time cat, gifts, super class schedule, etc., they are also the wu is empty team’s operation and development, there are many places worth learning and using for reference, the team also hope that in the future can have the opportunity to cooperate with these related platform.

the wu is empty campus currently registered users has exceeded 300000. In 2014, some big events, such as the wu is empty campus festival, hosted by the guangzhou wine festival, held in zhanjiang scale of tens of thousands of New Year’s party and so on, the brand influence of the wu is empty campus has covered the millions of people. With the aid of A round of funding, the wu is empty campus late will intensify efforts to market promotion, continued to promote the brand influence and promote the rapid growth of the user.

the wu is empty of campus planning for 2015, jin-cherng Chen also told hunting cloud network, to seek the cooperation with each big platform, combining with the wu is empty music, the wu is empty, film and television, and creative 72 become the common development of the project, such as raise to get through the traffic entrance of campus life entertainment culture, linkage to online marketing.

here are three other 2015 key project marketing plan:

the wu is empty music: wukong music App online platform, to build China’s first campus music community interaction, online content production, with multiple online video platform launch wukong music exclusive cooperation; Offline activities wukong music festival, there will be more than 100 field mining more good campus singers, such as song fans and campus tour way to provide the platform to make my dream come true for them.

the wu is empty, film and television, is committed to the cultivation of the creative film and television product incubation and youth showman, way to record with the image of contemporary group after 90, on behalf of their different voice and manner. On the basis of the original light network play with micro film, establish the creative film and television content and resources sharing platform, and to establish perfect supporting system to provide enough help for many youth showman, to build a belongs to the content of the young people to share and resource sharing platform.

creative raise: 72 change the independent creative design brand will be introduced, and the support of many creative designer for college students, help them to realize the creative production, will be the idea and concept of group buying and raise make ideas and design into reality, and communicate with more and more young people to share.

the wu is empty campus is now in the preparation of the version 3.0 upgrade in 2015 will be fully into the direction of entertainment community on campus. Jin-cherng Chen to hunt cloud network also stressed that the wu is empty youth entrepreneurial community this year will focus on promoting youth entrepreneurship programs have the wu is empty campus, wukong music, wukong, film and television, and entrepreneurship 72 change the raise project. The future will get through all the content data of each project realization of the sharing of content sharing, traffic brand joint venture cluster, ultimately form the relatively independent sets of various areas of the campus culture ecosystem. At present, the wu is empty music, the wu is empty, film and television have get angel rounds of financing, also implements the independent company operation.