Co-founder eulogy, thousand night travel network in the pit

note: hunting cloud had adhere to three years in the field of online travel thousand night travel network failed to escape the fate of failure and co-founder Feng Yu reviews three years of entrepreneurial experience, analysis the problem. He also warned other entrepreneurs, don’t know anyway to come in tourism areas, the middle hole a lot, only vertical have a chance. The following delivery on I horses for the full text:

in this paper, the author of the original thousand night tourist co-founder Feng Yu, now the boy scout outdoor network CEO and founder of

thousand night originally put an end to all travel to me already, because I think of myself before I speak black articles are very clear, again two days before being named and take out a whip corpse, don’t say two words feel sorry that three years together to struggle, brothers, so have to tidy it up again, to write a eulogy, in order to put down forever. Also hope to online travel business holdouts splash of cold water, help to spread out into the muddy waters of blood youth do some rational judgment.

thousand night tour is, indeed, we have never done a few tourist who come in by mistake, when we are in the same way as many entrepreneurs and investors now see, tourism market trillions of plate, the rapid growth of the outbound tourism should be last year’s hundreds of millions of people, what is still very low permeability of the online travel (up to now I don’t know how to calculate the data, which Daniel can you explain this to me?) Came in, but really found that is a big hole, six elements of tourism speak ChiZhuHang tourist entertainment, but each element into the local is a big industry, and tourism is a service experience, free line of the user’s needs differ in thousands ways, to provide products that meet the user requirements is too difficult.

this thousand night travel for 3 years, we tried a lot of direction, very hard every try as much as possible, so I do share to double last year, with a lot of travel for a decade or two years elder exchange, everyone still feel a little gain. This is mainly because we have a very strong product and technology team, CEO Nuno is the original design team members of the Microsoft advanced technology center, the moving more Chinese products design, the CTO li zhi is the main qihoo 360 search engineer and technical director of Martha Marceau, that we can quickly for validation of products and business model.

first thousand night tourism make intelligent planning and reverse customization (C2B) is only about half a year’s time, I still think this point is not to, of course, a lot of people are talking about tourism of structured data, when you look at the day of cellular wants to put its data structured spent much effort, but the effect? at the time we spent 3 months time, three or four professional search engineers write spiders crawling, then with more than 30 students do manual processing, made 17000 a destination data, more than 30 projects, each data about the Thailand combed the more than 8000 data, haven’t comb all, why? Because the information acquisition difficult. You must not like baidu tourism provides only the grand palace, the chao phraya river cruise ships, the information users know condoms restaurants; Since 80 after 90 after the user wants to know how to get to the most distinctive local market, where can I eat cheap and delicious seafood, which club is the most popular and safe, and come back to brag, without a friend visited attractions and rides, the data acquisition and validation cost a lot.

and intelligent planning to provide users with a really practical schedule, need to consider the hotel, the scenic location, transportation, best tourist season, spots open time, for the time, and many other elements, the first data collection and standardized very hard, no one can provide accurately, and the data is constantly changing, so that a wave of intelligent planning, the way of innovation for factory circles, comfortable guest in Shanghai and shenzhen hot strip, wisdom tour, including baidu, where to also follow up the products, in fact all have their own advantages, but in the end if provide routine is unavailable, how can have development?

then we try to do the guide P2P, the solution is if the machine can not be 100%, then one + machine to solve, we in Thailand looking for more than 30 tour guide and the students, try to cooperation, but also found the road to go. tourism industry is season is very obvious, the peak season guide don’t free you, because the local to access the single both hands are full, and off-season everyone didn’t have a guest, and where to give him you find so many customers, and the tour guide is not earn tips and membership fee. We had sent a high-end group in xinjiang, the user’s initiative to go shopping, a few people bought 170000 of hetian jade, tour guide can carry at least 50000, you can control the money? So what do you want from group ferri gave him that day hundreds of money of labor will appeal to him? Customers bought back found are fake he’ll go to scold a tour guide? Must say you have a problem of platform.

students and local people are unreliable, they may be carefree get boring to register an account, the user did not response to ask again, or when you really need him to reception, he again go to class, with a girlfriend. if you have a customer was waiting at the airport one day nobody answered, then estimate the customer tore up your heart, our group that year New Year’s day, and I pray in every night, don’t go wrong. Because these people do not control, how can you eat the noodles management thousands of miles away in a pile of part-time job? Also in Thailand, Italy, the tourism as a pillar industry of the country, the tour guide this career can only the locals do, students take once do big, must be checked, this is illegal.

That we take the user to travel, don’t go to shopping ok? People begin to see XiaoBaoTuan, but 10 small group separate charter and tour guide, the cost is very high, far beyond the expectation of ordinary users.
high-end users can accept the price, but all the travel agencies and OTA can meet the local tyrants, because have a lot of single mass customization of institutions, such as our contact ring, only sell to Italy, each sales is a big beauty, go to school and worked in Italy, you can expect a website’s customer service, did not even been Beijing sales for users to customize the Italian castle wedding? So you also don’t think ctrip, road can do, they are transferred to the single group, but this kind of custom ceiling is very low, and it is difficult to copy the expansion.

so when we get 10 million investment in April 2013 we basically all the wrong can try try again, the breach of the final choice is B2B, direct docking wholesalers and tourism outlets, discard the intermediate link, through the website and APP stores can see wholesalers just-in-time inventory and price, order confirmation directly, greatly improve the trade efficiency, data also prove that this model is completely set up, we signed a two months more than 200 wholesalers, more than 1000 stores, and transaction data growth is very good, it has been a VC to race the, results you should all know, is the early stage of the has no experience in equity caused by hole, but I think in the 3 years of entrepreneurial process thousand night no other fatal problem, we passed through a lot of hard times, the difficult work I think most people cannot imagine, but we all came along.

Nuno used to say, tang’s monk scriptures and wringer, met this thing today to prove we are a step closer to success! Just wrote half suddenly feel very boring, say so much and want to prove what? Just think actually with thousand night team struggle is I cherish the time, do not want other people to misunderstand it!

finally speak a few words I have been to do the tourism business people say:

first of all, if you want to venture, there are other choices don’t choose to travel as far as possible, because the industry is an ultra-low frequency, low profits, the low degree of product standardization, service industry, it is difficult to control quality may look from 2011 to now how many tourism projects to get the money, it is said that there are more than 100 last year, however, how many can have a chance to win a round? , mostly small half-dead carrying, in fact, time is a best cost for entrepreneurs, early death as early as super living might be a better choice.

second, if you don’t want to come of life, to know that the travel industry’s biggest problem is no one to do the product. the founder of the recent global tour – send an article “three asked the travel agency: let me take what love you?” , one in the industry from the perspective of ordinary users to experience and reflection, can be a good read. Online, people always want to do entrance, but the user from your entrance can experience what products? If is a one-time deal, the big how to do? Recent tourism administration of OTA products are required to indicate the travel agency to provide services, I am curious is the writing or to access the ZuTuanShe, wholesale club?

in the end, the tourism industry in the next five years is certainly the process of integrating and shuffle, 10 large travel agency should will only exist, in the nation, and green, wanda, all the letters, as well as ctrip, baidu, go ah, the remaining space is how much? Online travel we do business based on the pattern to consider the opportunity. (all my said tourism refers to tourism products, not including separate inn hotel reservation, ticket reservation, ticket reservation)

say so many pessimistic, I say something I like, vertical segmentation is to have a chance to do, but must be able to offer a unique selection of high-quality products or resources, you can do some analysis and thinking, but don’t copy, I said are very high threshold.

a year ago I said, watch the seven continents nets, they can effectively integrate resources, destination to ensure service quality; Mowgli, offer a unique selection of high-quality products, stick to the user; Hundred cheng nets, visa resources 40% market share, control of outbound travel most valuable entrance; The little red book, just need to choose the Chinese outbound tourism, low frequency high profits.

half a year the care of the travel industry has recently much, later also don’t want to talk to you any other than the boy scout outdoor net travel topic, above is the expression of ideas, don’t pack to force, is not responsible for!

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