Cloud car bon: contact online logistics information platform

(text/Zheng Dian)

under the dual drive of economic globalization and e-commerce, the logistics industry is in rapid development stage in our country, traditional logistics is the modern logistics rapid transformation. Traditional logistics industry, transport demand both offline by logistics company conclude the transaction, information interaction of a single lead to the inconsistency of supply and demand, so the owner and the owner need an information exchange platform. Cloud car bond is made up of chengdu’s popular cloud state information technology co., LTD launched a nationwide manufacturers, traders, individual demand personnel contact between freight vehicle driver online logistics information platform, set up the owner and the owner of online communication bridge.

thundercloud founder cloud car bon, is chairman of chengdu, wang zhen tong logistics co., LTD. Thunder clouds is a railway worker, with his rich working experience in the industry created the DE wang zhen tong logistics co., LTD. Last August, in chengdu spirit cloud technology co., LTD., for technical support, began to develop cloud car bon online logistics information communication platform, launched in early may.

cloud car bon has grown mature, flourishing tong logistics co., LTD., under the support of through the establishment of the logistics industry standards and credit system to meet the demand of public goods and the truck driver for cargo demand, there are two kinds of PC and mobile phone APP). The owner and the owner in cloud car bon information release platform, a complete information after the match. Freight cars through the cloud can expand to find goods range, basic can do where discharge on the sources, saving the cost of fuel and time. For enterprises and individuals have freight demand, cloud car bon platform makes the owner understand the transportation of transportation market price at any time, reduce logistics cost.

cloud car bon thundercloud founder said: “cloud car bon taobao platform similar to the logistics industry, the owner of the goods on our platform released the goods type, weight, starting and destination information, conform to the requirements of the owner to place the order and pay a fee according to the concrete situation, and we’ll get what you’ve got offline and online resources.”

online logistics information platform, such as “network”, “Chinese content lton-us”, such as large number of information gathered vast supply options but the APP is still in development. Cloud car bon take a fancy to the characteristics of the mobile phone APP is more convenient and quick, use market economy control mechanism set up supply of goods transportation market system, the user can query the freight rate at any time, to make reference to guide the production and transportation. Cloud car bon also have transportation driver vehicle tracking system, convenient for the shipper to transport the goods in transit tracking query, and to examine the transport to the driver; Source is charged release system has attracted a large number of the owner, and platform can automatically push for the shipper cargo vehicles for the owner to choose from.

for transport of goods, safety is very important. Thunder clouds tell hunting cloud network: “cloud car bond to provide security guarantee, enhance the security of cargo transportation, ensure the authenticity of information platform, and reliability. Cloud car bon APP version with the owner and driver version two categories. Whether the owner or owners will need to first register on cloud car bon and strict qualification, to qualify for the release information and looking for supply of goods. Truck drivers must upload the id card, driving license, and operating certificate to prove its identity and operation qualification certificate, ability is qualified in the cloud for goods on the car bon. The owner also must pass a real-name authentication. In addition, the company also established strategic cooperation relations with the insurance department, the owner can insure online, reduce the risk of carriage of goods.”

cloud car is in the initial bond, also in constant development and self perfection. Thunder clouds tell hunting cloud network, in the future car cloud state in a planned way and oil related to logistics industry cooperation launched their own credit card, truck driver gas and a series of demand, while increase the income of logistics professionals constantly reduce logistics cost. Cloud car bon and there are plans to develop its logistics mall, make its business more diversity, more practical.

company: chengdu’s popular cloud car state information technology co., LTD.