Close to 360:360 – degree online care is love the people

Wen/Zhang Nanqian

all kinds of social APP that network culture is more and more prevalent, such as, Momo WeChat friends circle, but in fact the most of them are just working relationship or the weak social relation chain of strangers. Wuhan Wei Tao hopes to make a software, care we should care, but neglected the people around, then close, 360 was born.

360 is an intimate acquaintance developed by wuhan Kitty technology co., LTD. Social APP that provides the user with a warning, positioning, footprint, area, chat, and other functions, the user through the mobile phone number registered, to create their own families, couples and friends circle, by joining members can see its location on the map interface, can share all sorts of intimate functions at the same time. Product ios version launched in February 26, 16 days for user too.

another similar mature product is life360 in the United States, it is a member of the family track positioning applications. Started in 2008, published in 2009, so far Life360 has reached more than 5000 users. Close to 360 of the position tracking and security alarm similarities, but Wei Tao think their products value for more intimate circle of people to create their own and the world.

“everyone change the pattern of meeting strangers, making new friends. Then we will care for the love we now, and the person we love.” Wei Tao spirit to introduce cloud network hunting to close 360 products, “intimate relationship is the most cherished person and the relationship between the attention of our products is good friend where, where, where to do anything. , of course, the premise is you must to solve the problem of the some to share your position, using your mobile phone to perception, and record your life.

Wei Tao to hunt cloud network introduction, product development, close to 360, some team in wuhan university and young people in conducting user research, 73% of them are willing to share their location and close, “privacy” is not the biggest resistance, after 80 and 95 happy to share a position to close. Wei Tao convective cloud network said, “won’t produce risk sharing position, on the contrary, can better ensure our safety.”

from start-up Kitty technology in August 2014, co-founder of two: Wei Tao, geng rushed (partner), the current team a total of eight people. Wei Tao in entrepreneurship in ctrip, companies such as sina joy in work, now in charge of the whole company’s daily operation and product research and development; Geng show rushed from huazhong university of science and technology of computer college after graduation, has been to dream database is engaged in the research and development work, now as a CTO production, be responsible for the management of technical department. According to hunt cloud network understanding, close now is angel financing in 360.