Circle of girlfriends: old people’s entrepreneurial product of tencent, only girlfriends exchange communities, men pull over

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told girlfriends to listen to, some words can only be so: the man pull over

in-law discord, small three difficult, long distance far away, love quarrel, thin body beauty. Most of the girls in these problems, couldn’t help looking for girlfriends complained. But in some cases, the true love don’t have my best friend, want to comfort cannot receive timely. So can choose on a mobile phone to find a best friend, two people are far apart, chat, timely meet, speak freely.

social communities, and is to be a relatively safe .

best friend circle, an exclusive girls social community. Harsh operating mechanism for application rarely appear in the men’s footsteps. But for the silence of the male users at present, we still have no way to kill. But that’s almost one over one thousand of the platform, the user only, they don’t speak, belongs to the virtuous men. Afraid of users is vicious men, we see a block, using a mobile phone number, by the original mobile phone, he could no longer come in . After 70 as the old tencent, entrepreneurial Internet industry veteran Zhang Wei tell hunting cloud network, a social product is not may not belong to men, so, the social products only relatively safe. At present, in the circle of girlfriends super tens of millions of registered users, more than 95% for women, the proportion is much higher than other women app .

a lot of peers and the media interview will be asked me a question, you how the user community activity is so high, how operation? Zhang Wei tell cloud network hunting, we really did not mean to run, to be more of a lead, at present, the best friend circle users must, apart from users, in the community as much as 16% of users Posting rate and 35% of the users to participate in the reply. A single user average daily use market more than 40 minutes. But our full-time operation is now only one person .

unique operating mechanism.

but proud to say we didn’t run that is cheating, we on the user registration and user operation mechanism really worthy to be entrepreneurs to reference. Here can easily talk about.

we positioning is the first female community, so maximum put an end to men is our primary standard , we use three to ensure that users are women: the login limit, reporting mechanism, support only voice verification, etc., in order to create favorable conditions for the relative safety of female girlfriends speak freely.

operations on the community, we adopt decentralized. is divided into mechanism operation, post operation, atmosphere. Everyone has the opportunity, so don’t let the platform become “class weibo effect” of streaming media attribute community . At the same time, we insist on decentralized operation on the basis of the features such as by trying to add tags to the content of the UGC for community users to do more convenient.

no one more than we are willing to patience to finish product, we spent almost a year .

Zhang Wei tell hunting cloud network, the first circle of girlfriends android version is in mid-march 2013 foreign online, had been on the market do the test, the product has been in the stage of polishing morphology and optimization experience. After nearly 10 version of midway iteration to officially in June 2014 officially launched the android, ios version. When is can’t find the similar products abroad, so we can only be repeated trial and error, when user feedback and in line with the team after the expected data, we will be officially began to tell others we have such a product.

now want to carefully, while during the polishing process spent more than 1 year time, but don’t think this is a waste of our team unity, if not then precipitation, girlfriends circle may not be so serious, by the users love. Good product will talk, sometimes I wonder, in fact, no matter when and where, as long as it is to do product, have to have a workman heart .

are old tencent, natural social gene team, no doubt.

circle of girlfriends Zhang Wei, founder of the university of southern California’s MBA after graduation in 2005 to join the tencent, has offices in the United States, strategic development, R line, B2, and other departments, and Zhang Wei was tencent second staff members from the us office. Was in charge of hatched a predecessor of the tencent Video products “QQ Video” , is mainly responsible for, including QQ member mall after QQ member center platform, etc. Another partner Chen Libin taking more than ten years of experience in the Internet, there are as a tencent’s senior director of product is responsible for, including QQ group, group space and WebQQ of several major business . The two former tencent product channel committee review committee began to entrepreneurship in the second half of 2010 at the earliest.

in Zhang Wei point of view, the current market level, the app domain is fire, the whole mobile community at the same time also is full of exploration. Especially gratifying is domestic mobile app has many community have been lead in innovation in Europe and the United States, Japan and South Korea market, this from previous Momo abroad doesn’t have any products similar to reference strange men and women dating finally won the two aspects of the capital market and the user both recognized enough to prove that.

but you can’t ignore a problem, in the field of mobile community, the easiest way most entrepreneurs is deliberately limit user population is small, such as the particular to the characteristics of the crowd. There is a market vertical social community. But for Zhang Wei, want to do in the future is a best friend circle can adapt to the women’s mobile user community. In Zhang Wei point of view, the women in the app, and form with girlfriends circle comprehensive community structure similar to that of the pure female app seems to return true not.

in the aspect of capital at the same time, the circle of girlfriends have completed two rounds of financing, A round of venture capital for the speed of light, B wheel to lei jun, suitable for fund, the speed of light vc with cast, raised $10 million.