Chisel sound: news out of tricks, hope to do the press of wikipedia

(/xiao-ning zhou wen)

recently very fire “ice” morning time are flawed, is no different from a blockbuster “bomb”, in the entertainment circle on major news portals “dominant”. In addition to the news itself, however, we may also want to know the incarnations of the incident, also may want to voice their opinions are not ignored, disappeared, so we may have to go to baidu search, going to zhihu, can these on a platform can be easily done? “Authentic sound” selection is open the news of this part of the market, with news and events as the basic unit, dimensions explore the news information, guide the user to understand and to provide an open thinking platform of the debate, and automatically create news database.

ShuShengHong chisel is CEO of sound, zhejiang university, master degree, worked at netease, net new as a project manager, is a technical talent, set out to do you want to be ready to press the client during the period of school, and after the news popular mobile end market, but also inspired ShuShengHong interest. Another co-founder football chong chi chio, a former Dali China President assistant, operations director, is responsible for the sinking of “ingenious”, and cut the sound editor of zhao Qiu Feng subsoil in new media for years. ShuShengHong told hunting cloud network: “we four founders are very sensitive to news, every day thinking about what we are doing things like the chicken blood excited, but our team culture is very relaxed, very active.”

chisel notes APP has two large version iteration is complete, four small version, the latest version has been launched to the end of June, users are currently around 14800, live in around 1500. Chisel fetching news automatically by the technical means, and then classified screening, currently one million news database is established and the thousands of news. “Authentic” is through the show after fetching news from different dimensions and presented to the user in the form of the timeline, every news is automatically set up timeline, the news and news, and updated in real time; “Sound” is a link news and all kinds of views from the media, to provide users with voice.

chisel sound having a unique style is “old” as the new belt, beyond the reviews, news visualization and restore the truth, and abandoned tracking. First objectively by trajectory presents the timeline of events, and subjective together since the media’s point of view, subjective and objective, news and events; Second to news events as the dimension, through open discussion topic type, introduced a wonker, zhihu patterns, precipitation have nutritional point of view allows users to participate in discussion of thinking; Then such as Sudan red 10 years ago, after 10 years of Shanghai fu xi, room aunts, sister, uncle, housing fathers these similar events and events such as the characters, all kinds of data, chisel sound can be browsing can automatically gather and intuitive transmission. Finally when just get caught up in a hot issues may detonating network, however after a week may calm, a lot of hot issues go away, or even abandoned, chisel sound provides a way to keep track, pay attention to the latest state of the understanding of events.

ShuShengHong told hunting cloud network: “above the chisel sound, not only can you get the latest news and information, at any time after the PM on the news you can also see the news events, people involved in the development of track and news, and be able to see deep reviews and published their own point of view, we would like to provide users with a deep reading comments cultural community.”

on The market at present all kinds of News APP, can take over a party such as netease News, phoenix News, sina, sohu News, News headlines today, a bit of information, etc., these with flow rate and time, News flash point “living”, as well as The main Internet News pick The guest, The main continental News comment on The News Lens key reviews (Taiwan), The main financial media inquiry guest stars such as standing, chisel sound is faced with great difficulty, how to get more users, facing a new platform impact how fast development not flooded, fetching News facing The copyright problem is to solve The problem.

when it comes to the development of the future, ShuShengHong tell hunting cloud network: “the future will build big the comment and opinion leaders cultural community, after news data achieves a certain level to be subdivided, let users to chisel sound can form memory conditioned reflex, our goal is to become a news event” wikipedia “chisel sound is set about angel rounds of financing, it will take about $1 million for product development and operation.