Chinese version of Meerkat, interest on a tool in the hand, can significantly lower live traffic

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Meerkat live streaming applications quickly and trigger a Twitter hand pressure, began to attract entrepreneurs and capital points to look to focus on the video application. Haven’t heard of what was called a Meerkat, imagination can query articles.

domestic “fun play” is a kind of Meerkat products, the main to the mobile terminal to mobile video broadcast social platform, products have been launched in the near future, covering the iOS and android platform at the same time.

interesting information integrity founder, has 9 years experience in research and practice of social products, was a director of jiayuan’s products, the whole team is a serial entrepreneur, now back in 2011 when I was introduced based on the tencent open platform of PC social applications “exchanges”. Team has been working on live video before the Meerkat popular social development.

she told hunting cloud network, early in January this year, the team in its existing products – honey add element of a live video of the circle of friends started, function after the launch, receive the user’s high praise and widely Shared, then initiation new ideas alone alone, only just recently encountered a Meerkat boom.

clean thought, social software is about to enter a new era of “four dimensions”. After several stages: the first stage of the one dimensional social is given priority to with text, such as Twitter, weibo, etc.; The second phase is given priority to with image transmission, two-dimensional social like them; Third stage has entered the stage of video recording, such as micro view, beauty and so on. And join the time dimension video broadcast, the realization of the four dimensional social.

interesting information users can use mobile terminals to watch live video at any time. Compared to beautify the class video products, interest is the core of the main “live”, realize seeding while chatting live interactive. 24 hours of video fresh degree, expired burn is its features. Pattern is similar to that of a Meerkat needs through Twitter login, interesting information users landing must be connected via weibo for the first time to have a live permissions, the binding mobile phone number, the user can also through the mobile phone number of landing.

PC, such as “show”, YY is given priority to, live boring information focus on mobile social live technology solution, the stability of mobile devices streaming transmission. Team through all over the country actual test, found that China’s network environment are not suitable for full screen video broadcast, so the moment of the screen to replace. But interesting information in network environment to improve in the future, and mature technology in return like a Meerkat, Periscope full-screen mode.

than Meerkat, boring play function is not perfect, the user experience, interface beautification has yet to be improved. But Meerkat video broadcast an hour spent nearly 400 m flow, which reduces the interesting information technology has been to 60 m. According to integrity, the product is the biggest difficulty in the process of the development of video technology, for mobile video streaming technology research took a lot of energy. Present team have have a unique mobile video broadcast solutions, to obtain the patent.

unlike Meerkat and Twitter of tense relations, boring and weibo will pay more attention to cooperation. Honest said at the same time, the profit pattern of streaming video has a natural, not boring now issue to consider. But how to continue to break through technical barriers, further optimizing the functions and interface is still a boring team need to dig into problems.

in the future, boring will lower the threshold of the live user, function will also join the permanent video, early warning, broadcast video classification, etc. Constantly improve the user privacy protection, function of internal reporting complaints, and to build and expand customer service team. Strengthen auditing of video at the same time, improve the precision of the desired user live, to achieve a better user experience.

clean is put forward, in the future, not live social. Prior to tencent, with its rich resources and huge social system brought the micro view, but its popularity and attract the attention of all was a flash in the pan. Video broadcast social in the Chinese market at present is still in the bud, how interesting information there will be a breakthrough and innovation, let’s wait and see.

the interest on millions of dollars have obtained some well-known institutions of angel investment, is currently in preparation of A round of funding.

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Company: Beijing honey friends technology co., LTD.

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