Chinese is no longer difficult – Outlier as the saviour of his Chinese language learners

adult learning Chinese is like in the brain makes Chicken game (Chicken game). When I was 26 years old in mandarin lessons learned nine months, whenever I get a stack of new literacy card, I need delete in the brain have to contemplate how many previously learned to remember new Chinese characters.

a little boy in the United States participated in the Chinese lessons on Saturday morning. For the first time in class, I experienced many help memory device and method of Chinese characters. Teachers with the image of the expression of these characters, such as “chicken” looks like the chicken peck rice, while the word “China” is similar to a map. These pictographic philology very interesting, but it was not until I adult formal curriculum in Taiwan when I found that most of them say goodbye to my brain.

one of my teacher introduced me to the Chinese character component of Chinese characters radical, namely 214 part of commonly used Chinese characters. The Chinese character component radical is of great help to the memory, but at the end of the course I will cost a lot of trouble trying to recall these Chinese characters.

allegedly Outlier the new development of chinese-english dictionary can let these problems solved. In Taipei, a doctoral candidate Ash Henson lead the language of the research team is dedicated to developing the early stage of the Outlier, they get by access to a large number of ancient books on the teaching of Chinese history and the most authoritative explanation, and will become even for beginners this information concise accessible style (online interactive demo).

Outlier are raised on Kickstarter, and plans through Pleco this top han Chinese learning application sales to download.

Outlier online demo has developed a part of Chinese characters, and says the money raised will be mainly used for digital and make up for the index to the required data for future development.

Ash Henson was an engineer, he began to learn Chinese in 1993, now works in Chinese research center, national Taiwan university. Henson asks his students to grasp the essence of Chinese and not just learn fur, and hopes to Outlier for their future Chinese quest to lay a solid foundation.

, Chinese characters, the principle of Outlier is said by breaking down, to show Chinese characters form and meaning, tone, and tell the user how to Chinese character component radical combination.

Henson said “even forgot how to write these Chinese characters, but can still remember how to recognize them. So when we write Chinese character component radical, these components can inspire our memory of the Chinese characters as a whole. Even if you don’t write anything, you can infer that Chinese character component by sound and radical.”

although each of these items are included the origin of Chinese characters, but it is a present in learners more beneficial way.

Henson explained: “one of the strengths of the Outlier as we join the many etymology. Some netizens think Outlier requires learners to learn the ancient Chinese, and I think that it’s nonsense.”

“etymology because of the existence of its own interest, but our main purpose is probably the most effective method of learning Chinese characters.”

Outlier will launch two versions. Basic edition emphasizes the understanding the core contents of every character, also expounds what information only understand without memory. And is the high stage of learners, language enthusiasts and scholars tailored improved version has added more parts of linguistics and history.

Outlier makes easier memorization of Chinese characters, however, it is not just a program to help memory, more contains many information Henson thought not often appear in English. Henson believes in learners learned several hundred Chinese characters and Chinese character component radical after an overview of Outlier will really work.

“you may just notice these functions at the beginning, because we will continue to mention when you use; But when you after 400-500 Chinese characters, you will understand the real function of these. You not in learning Chinese characters by rote, but really learn the function of Chinese characters and the meaning behind it.” Henson said,

“when you meet a new word in this context, the sound and you know it, then you can get a clever answer.


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