Chinese entrepreneurs in the eyes of the Secret of the collapse of the truth

cloud network hunting note: anonymous social applications abroad Secret declare bankruptcy sparked heated debate, the ever popular and get as much as $35 million in financing of the result of the company is now happily. Can not help but ask, what happened? Domestic anonymous social software mowgli founder black elder brother to hunt cloud network to an exclusive articles, and listen to his opinion.

below is black elder brother of the full text, reprint please indicate the source of hunting cloud network

On April 30,

once red-hot anonymous social applications abroad Secret post messages to shut down, the same day, two years before the anonymous social applications Whisper cut down and merge named a new vice President announced a number of monthly active users reached 10 million, used to open more than 1 million per hour.

no matter it is intended to play face or coincidence, we all wonder, anonymous social development today, Whisper what did the right thing and Secret made the mistake? Secret launched in 2014, only a year has attracted 15 million users. As an introverted and perceptual technology, David suddenly announced the closure of the Secret, what’s the ineffable addiction, we first simply browse the Secret key development:

1. The Secret development began in October 2013, the two founders, David is responsible for the technical architecture, Chrys is responsible for the visual and interface interaction. January 30, 2014, in the app store. In August 2014, the 11th on apple AppStore social list.

2.2013 years on December 6, angel round, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, Google Ventures140 million dollars.

on March 14, 2014, A round, kleiner perkins caufield & byers, Google Ventures860 million dollars.

on July 14, 2014 B, lianchuang policy source, red dot throws the $30.9 million cash (two of the founder of the $6 million m), the valuation of $100 million.

on April 30, 3.2015 years Secret founder David closed information release.

black brother over the past year has been concern and research Secret, now dared analysis exactly what problems before it closed.

the first, no Secret product system planning

needs and meet customer’s demand is the key of the success. David initially created Secret just want to listen to a friend’s eyes how true to yourself, and choose to remain anonymous expression, can see friends anonymous information release. Show the source of the idea and product form no big problem, otherwise it will not cause viral in on-line within one month of silicon valley and download. But from product planning and rapid iteration for a long time, it is very poor, Secret do from launch the first edition of anonymous Posting comments point circle of friends who launched by the end of 14 Secret friend DMS function it took ten months, in early July during on-line import Facebook friend functions, otherwise no big bright spot. And Whisper in early provided one-to-one function of DMS, Secret DMS function in the absence of for a long time, many active users to switch to a third party tool Anonyfish chat. Tool type product may rely on a recruit fresh eating, but for anonymous social functional product is obviously seasoned road. With micro credit eight months 15 million users, for example, micro letter before 3.0 in October 2011, respectively, iterative function is instant messaging, share photos, change the head, import QQ contact, exchange, many people read the mobile phone address book, tencent weibo session, voice intercom (in May 2011, version 2.0) and the people near the main function.

second, tipping points are grave digger

the first wave of seed users is the foundation of promoting products circulated, the first wave of seed user attributes will bring more many more users demand. Push the Secret large well-known tipping point for the first time is really just a rumor. On February 6, 2014, a claim to be the company’s employees on the Secret revealed that cloud notes products the company will be acquired. The news soon spread in the circle of science and technology. The next day, the company CEO phil? Protocol (Phil Libin) on Twitter to claim that this news is false. The rumor is lifted, Secret profile is rapidly rising. One day the Secret from social version of 73 up to 26. On February 7, ranking rose to 16. After that, the Secret has constantly filled with all kinds of negative news, the investors’ complaints, reveal company founder’s bad behavior and all kinds of true or false rumors of mergers and acquisitions. Method that is to say the Secret is to use Revelations in the circle of science and technology, the first wave of user is the science and technology circle disinformation tale, benefit is Secret, of course, also became the object of science and technology media have reported. And Whisper positioning between adolescent social, detonated from college student groups, for anonymous social this matter, the former may have more time than the latter and interest, were also more likely to set off, but obviously the latter will go further. Wrote here, black brother think of copying Secret anonymous domestic product last year disinformation “zhang drugs” event, as to how far this Secret can estimate the creature.

the third, the Secret to the negative energy content has been a lack of management and the solutions

Secret online after six months, the negative emotions, racism, misogyny, malicious slander, etc negative content was there, which makes its much-maligned, mainstream consciousness in the media, the Secret is in the bastard. Secret in negative public opinion, declining in popularity, but its content has not get effective guide and control. For this, David also very frank said, “the speed of the app development, beyond the content of the team management skills.” Under the current capacity “we cannot solve the problem of network violence directly”, as they say it’s helpless, more interpretation should be letting go. The Secret enemy Whisper was adopted technology and artificial audit mechanism, Whisper in the Philippines employs a large team of 150 people, with human review the negative content blocks pornographic, violence, personal attacks. Domestic weibo is also set up in tianjin is said to have thousands of people the contents of the audit team, or is likely to be the second meal no.

4, decline to bluff type users and media questioning has no right to PR

Secret founding principle is one of the founders hope to text to his girlfriend anonymous letters. Founder David? Than Joe (David Byttow) believe that “people on Facebook said he is engaged, but they tend not to be revealed today are going to have to marry him.” Another co-founder Chris? Badr (Chrys Bader) argues that “always on social networks to maintain their good image is a very stressful thing. We hope to help users to get rid of the pressure.” Get rid of the pressure of the user can indeed more bold to speak, but said they could bring Internet rumors and negative energy. Once negative energy atmosphere formed within a community and team no effective solutions, it is difficult to reverse. Actually Secret online about 2 months began to a lot of questions by the media and even some countries and regions of apple’s appeal to the Secret. Face these questions, the founder of the Secret only have explained to the outside world not only negative information in the product, also has the content of the positive energy, so as to prove the usefulness of the product itself. Its founder, for example, the user can above even to seek professional help, tells the story of family love, etc. Obviously, this kind of PR is invalid and meaningless, Secret need to explain how to change and refuse to positive negative energy content, it is the key! Face the question of the most successful crisis management case is taobao several fakes, ma is not only a strategist, but also an ace crisis public relations, one is warrior “behead ma su” style. Suppose Mr Ma said on taobao everywhere there are a lot of genuine, estimates that taobao has been dead for many years.

5, team crash

Secret by David Byttow and friends Chrys Bader – Wechseler together to create. Before creating Secret, David is the engineer of the Square, Square flagship product has led by developed Square Wallet, earlier Google engineers, he is involved in developing Wave and Google +, etc. The other founder Chrys is David colleagues before Google, Google + product manager. Early July 2014, founder of the two financing $30.9 million, including $6 million for two founder cash out. The founder of Whisper & amp; CEO mike. Hayward, haven’t read university, after graduating from high school to start working directly. Founded in 2010 to join friends brad Brooks company TigerText burn after reading text messages. In 2012 established the Whisper, 24, mike and brad. In March 2014, Whisper of $36 million in financing of tencent’s participation in investment. Look from the background, founder of the investors should be more bullish on the Secret, after all, Google experience and graduated from high school and prick silk difference is too big. But the difference is that Secret after all have large investment is sharp, founder of the cash, and Whisper is increase the content of audit team construction. General B wheel founder cashed out a small amount of equity investors can understand, and improve life about 10% of the amount raised mostly in the round, also want to consider other early core employees, not just founder cash out. Differences between people lies in the understanding of human nature rather than simple degree and big company background. Secret from 2 people to more than 20 people to ten people including how many internal divisions is unknown, but as a founder of the early core staff if you know the Secret just cashed out, without any return to think about their mood, feeling didn’t get attention or feel company founder in reducing personal risk, choose to leave may only be a matter of time. Disagree but Cheys and other executives in the direction of the product and leave, David failed to regain the team confidence and form a new team should be the last straw breaks the Secret.

all in all, business is a marathon, the last laugh is successful. Products, technology, content, such as marketing, team any ring problems could lead to business failure, and Secret basically in all of these made a big mistake, failure is inevitable. Strong learning ability of entrepreneurs can quickly understand this truth, and some entrepreneurs need to pay a $35 million fee. Failure is not fearful, Twitter, sets a project also failed before. As for David said the closure of the Secret and return the former to investors do not have any worthy of praise, because you wasted after all investors as part of the money, how much more cash to buy the original ferrari don’t anticipate to investors.

but black elder brother say: even if Secret collapsed, is also not simple as anonymous social, B pain can’t blame the toilet first, say after all Whisper (tencent) involved in investment, YikYak (renren Chen investment), etc are also live well. For anonymous social, Secret is not the first to shut down, before the United States has a company called Postsecret is launched in September 2011, after 3 months shut off the shelves. Before the success of the case is that Japan Mixi, launched in 2004 went public in 2006, the market value of $2 billion. Domestic media, investors, entrepreneurs and so on also don’t see Secret joke or prove themselves on the anonymous social predictions of how accurate, even before your predictions are right, maybe the next you are deluding themselves. Also don’t take psychology, sociology to fool even threatened to anonymous social entrepreneurs, decided to business success is not just a direction, is engaged in the direction of people. Entrepreneurs are lonely, successful entrepreneurs should be persistent, tenacious, open-minded, strong execution, excellent ability to learn and to keep pace with The Times; Successful entrepreneurs should be about people and human nature have profound comprehension and put into practice!