China mobile will invest in mobile projects, joint investment of 2.55 billion set up joint venture

China mobile in the Hong Kong stock exchange today, according to the announcement, a subsidiary of China mobile communications group will work with the international trust &investment and fund management companies set up a joint venture invested 2.55 billion yuan.

announcement, joint venture, mainly in field of mobile communications and related upstream and downstream industry has the potential to companies, enterprises or other economic organizations of the shares, equity and assets for investment, and investment in a business object mainly for growth and maturation, and the opportunity to seek appropriate in an appropriate manner, so as to realize for the partners to create a good return on investment.

the rapid development of mobile Internet, mobile communication operators such as gradually reduced to a “pipe”, also proposed changes to their business models, in this case, the mobile not only on the business system seek to adjust, also in investment and even make business chain.

statement disclosure, to set up a joint venture, investment 1.5 billion yuan account for 58.8235% of the shares of China’s mobile communication, investment group 1 billion account for 39.2157% of the shares, fund management companies, 50 million account for 1.96% of the shares, the partnership can be according to the actual situation in the window period increased total capital contribution subscribed to no more than RMB 5 billion yuan.

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