Children’s cartoon experience O2O pavilion in hand, “le bao” focus on animation cartoon education

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“le bao” is a children’s cartoon creative experience pavilion, it features animated cartoon, for 4, 14 years old children to provide new and interesting cartoon creative course, “we want to use animation cartoon art form to open the child’s ideas and dreams” Xie Xiaoli said.

Xie Xiaoli to hunt cloud network said: “the diffuse le bao animation creative experience pavilion in October 2014 began operating. Animation creative experience pavilion very few, all over the country as a whole new formats, it convergence characteristics of experience economy, six months before we put much energy in offline store operations, is committed to the course of research and development, team teaching mode, teaching management and marketing form the standardization and modelling. Next year is to do offline, and to expand online business, mainly through the development of the micro letter, creative and original content to attract parent-child user groups in the same market, users and reading the viscosity. In the future will be bred to join model across the country, and the output of the online need to be standardized management. In O2O hot at present, there are offline entities as support has the advantage that as long as the project features and approved by the market, the line will be more fast and stable income, projects can scroll up, again through the combination of online form the competition ability of the project.

“le bao” has formed a mature curriculum system, the current courses are: animation cartoon painting creation, animation manually, and baking, anime shows and sitcoms. Xie Xiaoli think: animation cartoon painting very accord with children’s creative forms, its technique is complementary, creation is given priority to, develop the children’s cartoon of the thinking and artistic appreciation ability and the strain of creative personality. At the same time, let the children after the painting with the creative process of using the brain and hand, such as creative manual, western-style food baking, etc. Animation stage is blended in creation, music, dance, performance, social and other elements, can fully exercise the child’s mental and emotional intelligence. At the moment we had with the kindergarten, Banks reached a cooperation, auto 4 s shop, shopping mall, we regularly organize activities such as performance, exhibition, parent-child interaction, the spread of word-of-mouth and creative marketing.

in the market competition, Xie Xiaoli convective cloud network said: in the field of children’s education has some chaining traditional training institution, after the communication with parents depth, we found that parents’ pain points is to select training institutions for children to see dazzling, for example, some agencies courses sort very much, but without characteristics. In comparison, “le bao” not a lot, only in the field of a vertical products do intensive cultivation, we don’t do the sketch, oil painting, Chinese painting, and so on, focus on animation cartoon painting, for children to provide professional training system.

second, there is another sore point is lack of between parents and the parents of a city, high-end parent-child sharing platform. Therefore, “le bao” to the online operations planning: first of all, will be completed in the online management of the users, such as course booking, enrollment, etc. Children at the same time, a boring works display will form a sharing platform of parents can through this platform to share the children’s works; At the same time the independent development of traditional class life comic book series will provide users with family parent-child reading material.

in addition, “” child is also a great idea, not only limited to the mining of children’s potential and to develop, the more they build a platform to show their talent. Xie Xiaoli said. “we expect to develop” le bao “into competitive O2O business body.”

according to cloud network understanding, hunting as a “le bao” founder and CEO, Xie Xiaoli has more than a decade of experience in the industry of animation cartoon, was planning, creative and production of the 26 animation works, including the application, “baidu”, “yi letter” to promote such comics, he twice to participate in the ministry of culture senior animation industry workshop, industrial paper respectively for 12 years, 14 years “blue book of animation industry, in 2013, he founded the anime industry class public anime brand”, “day bank cloud, mainly to do animation industry research and interviews, made 250 consecutive period 2 years project, has attracted thousands of people in the industry and some media attention and adoption. Core team members, both for software development, animation design, art performances, children’s education and news dissemination and other professionals.

“le bao” project in March 2014, works in chengdu tianfu software park business, project officially launched in April, June, namely to obtain seed round of funding, is currently actively discuss the angel round.

project: diffuse in clay pot
Company: chengdu day shore cloud technology co., LTD.

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