“Chengdu entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is a” – the launch of the 9th chengdu youth entrepreneurship competition

(text/He Yuying)

cloud network hunting note: today is May 4th youth day, hunting cloud network here happy New Year to the youth entrepreneurship road. Also send you a gift for you at the same time, the 9th chengdu youth entrepreneurship competition launched today, everybody follow hunting we go to the scene to see!

land of abundance chengdu in Internet start-ups culture atmosphere is good, especially for young entrepreneurs, both government and market are spare no effort to provide help for the young. On May 4, 2015, 10 o ‘clock in the morning, launch and youth entrepreneurship project partner dating will be kicked off in chengdu university academic exchange center.

the 9th chengdu youth entrepreneurship competition is “tianfu action plan” series of activities of the first leg of the youth and the guest, in view of chengdu pku will take “innovation driven development” strategy as the guidance, actively integrated into the “entrepreneurial, tianfu qingsong, rong hui” plan of action. The campaign led by chengdu municipal committee of the communist youth league, united, chengdu people club bureau, technology bureau of chengdu, chengdu youth federation, the student association of chengdu planning held together. Designed to keep the young creative work, help to build “core economic growth pole of the west, let is go in the youth on the road to accelerate forward.

although the launch is just a game, but the scene was dry, full hunting we also found a lot of good projects. The event was divided into three parts, the first part is a startup meeting to share the story, the organizers invited to project director wen-hao li, chengdu university of electronic science and technology dazzle inflammation Yang Zhen founder technology, plump founder shen bo represent the initial, acceleration period and mature period of start-up business story to share. The three young gen guest experience to make the scene of many young entrepreneurs empathy, benefit.

activities in the second part is a guest teacher is waiting for you to link, the red flag chain chairman ms Cao Shiru youth and the guest teacher union on behalf of chengdu to business success, entrepreneurs and loving people from all walks of life initiative, invite more people in the society to join a guest teacher union, selfless help and guide for young entrepreneurs. Also launched the 9th chengdu youth entrepreneurship competition official registration website, opened the docking channel of young entrepreneurs and investors.

the best way, the last link in the youth entrepreneurship project partners blind date. Competition invited four gen guest instructor (leshan chengdu branch, hongqi chain of commercial bank, the relevant person in charge of keeping investment, technology transfer group in chengdu) site visit, made a small road on the spot. There was little sacks, rose wood science and technology, three friends network young guest on behalf of reached a preliminary cooperation agreement, these excellent project also received the interview invitation, hunting cloud network will report the details for you soon.

the chengdu sunny today, labor day just the past, a new work again. We deeply felt chengdu hot hunting entrepreneurial atmosphere and a lot of entrepreneurial opportunities, might as well focus on hunting cloud network youth entrepreneurship point in search of his business partner. In addition, as a focus on entrepreneurial innovation report, with all my heart for good business project provides the opportunity to the conscience of the media, hunting cloud network will also follow-up the competition process, let more excellent project seen by everyone.

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