Chen, and investment, led stock exchange Motif4000 million dollar funding

the American stock exchange website Motif Investing announced, led by company for $40 million in financing, the company founder Joseph Chen and Goldman sachs, an investment bank, former vice chairman Carl? Stearns (Carl Stern) joined the board of directors.

this is not the first investment project of Chen already. As early as in previous years invested Vipshop solid gains. In the past two years, he also told the American social media application Yik Yak to invest $1 million and led the American real estate all the raised platform Fundrise $31 million in financing, snowball $40 million in financing for domestic investment community.

he closely to speed up the pace of investment is the reason for this is that everyone miss mobile opportunity performance under the growth of a move. Chen, give solution is to build a new business model, the core is to sell existing toxic assets, focusing on investment peripheral products. After all have been selling glutinous rice and com. On investment preparation, Chen has allocated $800 million strategic investment revealed about reserves.

first to get to know the Motif Investing this company. By the former Microsoft executive hardy’s? , (Hardeep Walia) founded in June 2010, the headquarters is located in SAN mateo, California, is a portfolio service provider. Website will show some based on a topic, such as energy exploration, 3 d printing, medical breakthroughs, and so on portfolios, each portfolio is referred to as a motif. Motif Investing is focused on the portfolio rather than individual stocks, because they think this kind of investment way consistent with most small retail investment scenario: see a news, found that the trend, and then to find the corresponding stock portfolio. The user can directly on the website to purchase an entire motif that already exist, also can adjust the proportion of stock investment before you buy.

every motif, in fact is the equivalent of a stock fund. But unlike traditional fund provider, Motif Investing doesn’t collect fund management fee, charge per buy/sell a Motif of trading cost, to $9.95. In addition to the official establishment of portfolio, on the website of the user can also according to your own ideas to create their own motif. After creation, the user can choose the degree of public: be friends only see (MI is bi-directional like FaceBook friends mode), is related to investment group (Investing Circle), and all users see on the website. Whenever there is a other users bought you create motif, the official will be from $9.95 points in the commission $1 to you.

the platform of the novel lies in: 1) provides a powerful tool for self-service portfolio design, users can be very convenient, intuitive, modify, create, assess the Motif, it only takes a few minutes can be their own individual portfolio; 2) the introduction of social mechanism, the user can give friends or share his Motif chosen circle, common to the discussion of Motif and optimization.

in the previous, the Motif of Investing investors including Goldman sachs, Ignition Partners, Norwest Venture Partners, Capital, Balderton Capital, and JPMorgan Chase & amp; Co Wicklow, Capital, etc.

report shows that this round of cash injection will be used to help the silicon valley online trading platform to expand overseas, including the UK and China, Hong Kong. According to this plan, to enter the China market Britain may not too far away, in the process, all the company is expected to play a supplementary role, and cooperate with snowballs and other community.

every company will also strengthen the investment of financial technology start-ups. Before the company has invested hundreds of millions of dollars to such enterprises. Chen, believe that this domain could be all the company’s future business model. Along with the social network users to mobile devices, all companies find it hard to through advertising revenue, so hope by student loans, credit CARDS and financial services to explore new sources of revenue.

Joseph Chen, renren’s plan startup investment of about $500 million into the financial science and technology, the current investment reached $200 million to $300 million.