Cheetahs in the field of mobile marketing and distribution, Nanigans announced a strategic investment

today, cheetah mobile announced a strategic investment social mobile advertising software provider Nanigans, become its $24 million B round led. Recently, cheetah also spent $58 million for a leading global MobPartner mobile marketing company. It is not hard to see from the two step important strategic layout, cheetah ambitions in the field of mobile marketing.

Nanigans headquarters is located in Boston, is a leading global social mobile advertising software provider, is also a pioneer in the field of global marketing automation. At present, Nanigans in New York, San Francisco, London, Singapore and Sydney has offices. Nanigans for the enterprise internal marketing team to provide a set of automatic advertising system, customers in the system to achieve more than $500 million each year in the advertising.

cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng said: “supply Nanigans vast customer base and advertising, proved them in social mobile advertising plays a very important role in the ecosystem. Cheetah mobile is providing mobile advertising platform, and actively promoting the comprehensive strength of the company in the international market. Strategic investment in marketing automation pioneer Nanigans is cheetah move an important step. Cheetah mobile investment will also help Nanigans rapidly expanding scale of social mobile developers.”

in fact, with the explosive growth of global mobile users, cheetah advertising platform system is perfect, and the rapid development of overseas commercial, cheetah has enough clout and advantages, in the fierce competition in the global mobile market lead.