Cheetah mobile MobPartner wholly owned $58 million offer

cheetah mobile today announced a $58 million deal to buy MobPartner mobile marketing company, the transaction will be in cash and shares. MobPartner, after the completion of transaction will become a cheetah mobile, a subsidiary of Diamel Agaoua will remain MobPartner CEO, and serving as a cheetah, senior vice President.

the cheetah the harvest strategy and internationalization strategy. At present, the company mainly to expand overseas, and for advertisers, publishers offer application distribution, mobile advertising and other services, in this regard, MobPartner cheetah mobile form important support.

MobPartner for advertisers in the mobile terminal to provide the effect of the innovative marketing techniques, and to help distributors by higher wide eCPM cash flow. MobPartner business covers 200 countries and serves over 500 advertisers, and established cooperation with global distributors for more than one player, covering more than two hundred million mobile users per month, produce more than 180 one hundred million AD exposure.

cheetah mobile CEO Fu Cheng said: “the cheetah move aimed at creating global mobile users the best mobile experience, for advertisers and publishers offer some of the best global mobile advertising services. In the past three years, we as a global mobile users with a killer product number, and by the user. Now, the cheetah mobile global has had more than 340 million monthly active users. At the same time, we are also building a global mobile advertising platform has made significant progress, but this is just the beginning. Acquisition will further enhance the cheetah of MobPartner mobile in the leading position in the field of mobile advertising. We will work with together to build a world class MobPartner mobile advertising platform.

at the moment, the global mobile Internet industry is experiencing explosive growth, traditional PC transfer traffic is moving to the end, the value of mobile advertising more and more get the attention of advertisers. American well-known market research firm eMarketer, according to data from the 112.2% growth in 2014, after the 2015 global mobile Internet advertising spending will continue to grow by 59.8%, to $64.25 billion.