Cheat art: the secret history of the big apple on the bottom

cloud network hunting note: rumors about apple’s new product a dime a dozen but a little bit of trouble, can let a person become Sherlock Holmes. For apple, the product of confidentiality need high requirements. Can you think of “sixty-eight” project and apple’s car? Pseudonyms, replace the shell, release smoke these ways, were indeed hard for apple.

for a companies involved in the global supply chain, how difficult is it to full confidentiality. And what’s the details of the unknown? Foreign media AppleInsider recently wrote an article, together with you and see what apple project security measures.


rumored extremely mysterious apple car project with a company called “sixty-eight” (SixtyEight) involved in a research firm.

sixty-eight research company with security cameras

apple in Sunnyvale, California (Sunnyvale) has a lot of the office, including a called “sixty-eight”, a research firm, they very little information on the Internet, also recently refurbished office building, and equipped with a “repair garage. Sources said here is the place where apple development secret electric cars, the public widespread speculation that apple is made a “sixty-eight” to cover.

if the details under the deep mining, “sixty-eight” limited liability company was registered in California last year, and last year imported from Britain had a fiat Multipla 1957 in 600 to the United States. Apple’s chief designer, Jonathan. Ive loved fiat design products, in 2013, he and his stylist friend mark. Mr Newsom had auctioned off a Product (RED) version of the fiat 600.

multiple source, used to test the auto parts have arrived at apple in sunnyvale office, the company is in a building named “SG5” strive for the electric car project. As the world’s largest and most famous company, if apple directly with your company’s name or imported cars spare parts, will clearly tell the outside world of what they want to do.

use of shell companies and other smoke screen to hide the product project is apple’s usual routines, under this kind of hidden development products to market at last. The smoke screen is not apple’s first, it has been around for decades, one of the most famous is the original Disney in Florida to buy a large patch of land, finally here into Disneyland. If land buyer’s true identity was revealed, the land prices even higher.

say apple, their secret culture origin dates back to 1984, Mr. Jobs led research and development of the first Macintosh computer. Until today, apple’s secret lab has many security gates, need to scan the name and password to enter, offices are under constant surveillance.

apple in cupertino headquarters can use exit or black cloth to protect confidential, but bring the product to the market inevitably exist in the process of interaction with the outside world. Parts with the prototype of ordering, transportation, intensive testing, the application of all sorts of legal documents is inescapable. Apple will do its best to secrecy. But history shows that the leak is inevitable.

especially when the company is well-known, a bit of trouble from analysts and media reports from all walks of life.

hid under the name?

now everyone has to the familiar, but before the conference, apple had been racking their brains don’t let people know the real name of the product.

apple needs to release the product before make sure you have the registered name “device”. Of course, they can’t be in the product prior to release to let any one know the name of the device.

so, apple has adopted a special method, the name registered it into abbreviations “I.P.A.D.”.

they registered in the UK a shell company, called “IP Application Development” (” IP Application Development “), abbreviated “the Ltd.”.

however, apple’s efforts are wasted, before the announcement, the company’s registration documents and contact apple was dug out.

there are signs that apple on the and alternative name. In 2009, apple registered the “Slate Computing (tablet)” limited liability company, the company has the trademark “iSlate” and “Magic Slate”.

on the eve of the announcement, some developers have the chance of a real machine test, but the device is placed in a closed room, all the Windows were obscured, the device is locked in an immovable object. Developers are required to sign the length more than ten pages of confidentiality agreement, but also need to have pictures to show that they conform to the requirements of the agreement.

even under such strict security measures, prior to the release of the first photos of the units was leaked to the Internet.

may, probably is.

watch secret war

apple smart watch is already rumours before release. Although the device itself highly confidential, but apple development watch is already known.

like apple, apple is registered the name of a lot of potential for the use of the watch. The most name “iWatch” has long been they win, estimate is intended to mislead the outside world. In the United States, Britain and other countries, iWatch is in a company called “Brightflash” name, the company is also considered apple cover used for shell companies.

leaked last September Apple Watch

as for the official name “Watch” Apple, Apple before release in his own name registered the trademark. Until before the release, a lot of people thought that the name of the product will be “iWatch”.

more surprisingly, it is a party, rather than a widespread speculation about round appearance. That people look for in a round table is too high, yet the square Apple Watch.

disguise the truth of the shell under

the cause of apple’s most famous leaks, trademark or shell company has nothing to do with the law, it cause a camouflage plastic shell.

the iPhone 4 is not known to outsiders at the beginning, but carelessly will an apple employee prototype in a bar. After being picked up thousands of dollars to the price of the sold to tech blog Gizmodo, before send the machine back to apple, the blog every detail of the iPhone 4 in all exposure, even in the machine. It became the worst leaks in apple’s history.

the iPhone 4 and 3 gs appearance contrast

test mobile phone in the company, mainly to observe signals, but apple will not allow a new iPhone not cover to get outside of the company, in order to avoid the secret project by early exposure. They would use a camouflage shell on the iPhone 4, in general, the prototype of the iPhone 4 and 3 gs seems to be the same.

although iPhone 4 prototype was completely exposed, but apple didn’t abandon the mimic. It is said that last year the test Apple (internal code “the Gizmo”) when the Watch, the Watch was also disguised box set up, used to cover a product appearance. After apple never launch wear type equipment, they will put the watch disguised as a variety of appearance, including competitors’ products, such as the samsung Galaxy watch Gear.

clean leakers

in order to hit the leaks, apple may even make false information to see who was leaking, we don’t know if they take the frequency of this strategy, and no one knows how high success rate of this strategy.

emit smoke find out who leakers is

a decade ago, apple has a different way, is trying to force the news media to disclose their sources of information to track the leakage source. Such as apple has AppleInsider and PowerPage editors had sent a summons, trying to find out who leaked a code-named “asteroids” unlisted products details. But editors refuse to cooperate, and put it into law, hired EEF (Electronic Frontier Foundation, Electronic sentinel Foundation, internationally renowned public welfare legal aid organization) as a consultant.

this case ended up in court, apple thinks, because of the media attribute network media should not be protected by the same as the print media reporters. Of course, the final court of appeal of California jury on the web side, think website editor and qualify for the protection of the traditional media.

apple declined to appeal against a ruling that was later EFF claims attorney fees. In order to prevent leakers later apple again for similar mining, the court awarded EEF more than double the original attorney’s fees. (Zhou Quan, source: apple)

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