Chat with who learn xiang dong.he entrepreneurship six big trap

in hunting cloud network no entrepreneurial public class, and who learn, founder and CEO xiang dong.he Shared business six big trap, puts forward the importance of team building, and share to entrepreneurs to dry.

xiang dong.he was chief executive of the new Oriental, entrepreneurship, early last year in June the same year set up O2O find good teacher learning services electric business platform, and who learn. And who learn online in less than A year, valued at $250 million, obtained by ficus altissima capital, qi fu capital institutions such as joint investment in A $50 million round of financing. Current registrations has reached more than 70000 teachers, students, there are millions of, follow who has covered more than 300 cities, and in Beijing, chengdu, wuhan and other 35 cities set up branches and agents.

xiang dong.he says, every day in business you will face new opportunities or challenges, excited or lost, will be faced with a lot of ordinary people difficult to understand. And he himself this venture is a typical venture, because after all, already at a certain height, and left with a lot of resources. In xiang dong.he view, however, once you decide to start a business, in a sense you don’t have any rely on, at this point, how to quickly find a good place, can be quickly more people cognition, this not only is a difficult for the average entrepreneur, for he himself is also a big challenge.

xiang dong.he is simple in the public class of entrepreneurial success of two core elements
1 business models
In other words, if you want to know what are you going to do, what you are facing a market, and by what kind of people, you can serve the market from the start is what to do, so we venture your concept or idea, is the world’s most don’t lack the idea and concept, lack most is once established the business model, how do you believe this business model, and at the same time to persuade or fool more people go to the belief that business model

2 business strategy
Strategy is to do subtraction, strategy is to choose not to do and make your business model to achieve high. You can choose to do something, in the same way, you can also choose not to do.

the first trap: the business model to see too important, and overlooked the team itself.

a lot of people say I have a good business model, but if your team can’t good communication, can’t take these ideas, then will eventually collapse, so for entrepreneurship, business model itself is important, team is more high, if your team is no sanda not ruin, for the first time failed it doesn’t matter, the second time these people follow you go, you will surely succeed in the end. Most afraid of is the first business failed; The people off, the second business fail, also off. When in the infinite loop forever, finally will become not confident, also won’t trust others, so you can’t depend on others, and, in turn, will want to carry everything, and people’s own energy and wisdom is limited, the final will be on the brink of collapse.

about entrepreneurship, in order to understand the three questions
Independent business? The partnership? Join a company business?

xiang dong.he himself who started to learn is to own a checking, we often say that business is about their cognitive, to once again to achieve their life value, is a new alternative way of life. Through the analysis of the advantages and disadvantages of themselves, to find people to fill my short board, I want to make A combination of entrepreneurship education and the Internet, namely IT + education, and find enough let I can rely on, namely A + talent, I define IT as: kind, since the flooding, natural, promised A number of wins, confident people.

second trap: set up the team is not successful, does not pay attention to the leadership role models

in the open class, Chen Ju for an example to illustrate the importance of leadership, today is the era of the change, used to be a gentleman should I die I shall not die, now a startup time is jun to die, I die also not only gentleman to death. So the boss to do an example and benchmarking. There is a famous law, trust generally take 12 to 18 months. Some entrepreneurial teams fail is because in the beginning of the action is too fierce. No building trust. Team will why? See a lot of startups pour out, ran out of the online education is little reason why team scattered away. Do most things to yourself is to build trust. Often communication and team partners. Synergy is hard to do things, when you have just formed a team is a gang, actually a lot of work to do to become a team, and the work on the test is entrepreneurial leadership.

The third trap:

business division of labor is not clear stock split

need to have a clear division of labor, there are some fails, the ability of two different positions. Stock split will determine from the start, who make a and so on. Is listening to the opinions of the majority, with a few people to consult, finally take responsibility to one word.

according to experience, unreasonable design of shares may not go far, in a company, always want to have one master microphone. Some people say that there are no eternal friends, only permanent interests, although this sentence has some absolute, but in the company, will everyone involved with the interests of at least.

fourth trap: take money

a lot of startups at the time of receiving funding, there will be some more excessive protocol, such as anything to have the consent of the investors, abducted by investors. Good drops quickly and took all the money, so now, the development of the good, we often found that eldest brother big fight, three or four out of sight.

with who decide how far you go, so to get good money. Chen in class are also to share their stories take money to leave in January, a lot of VC active the door, but not to talk about. Because want to put yourself down to want to understand. When you have a certain reputation will be money for you. When it comes to their own investors ficus altissima capital, xiang dong.he says last year with some data message, ficus altissima capital subscription more than $600 million last year, only got a 300 million, is a special control of the investor.

entrepreneurship to yourself to do first, run out of a certain grade to introduce talents, it would be easier, not to rush to get money and expansion.

the fifth trap: looking for talent is a continuous process

xiang dong.he thinks, find talent this matter should not only in the most began to form a team, should be continued in the entrepreneurial process.

sixth trap: heavy products, ignore the marketing

xiang dong.he says on the public class, you leave in January after the first thing to do is open the weibo DMS function, so that they can receive a lot of entrepreneurs and his dialogue, through personal E-mail messages I can reply, again through the mail can interact and entrepreneurs. “I listen to many entrepreneurs take within a profession, or what I am trying to and communicate with others to own more sober cognition, where should go.” Products, of course, is not is not important, but pay attention to the product does not pay attention to the marketing of startups may not be long. Products themselves, after all, can’t talk, you need to speak for him.

besides, xiang dong.he to entrepreneurs to put forward the following four Suggestions:

1 entrepreneurs don’t carry myself, to go to the hearts of others, to accept the opinions of others.

2 to develop their own leadership, leadership from an important event in life, such as eat not the belly.

3 ideas need more action and insist!

4 involving strategy involving the interests of their compromise let others compromise.