CG model, focused on share trading community vertical 3 d model

(text/Yang Sihui)

cloud network hunting note: CG model network, is a global all user interaction and display platform, CG design industry is given priority to with 3 d model of resource sharing platform. Web site registered members as of early 2015, more than 2015, and 500 or so per day at the rate of new registered members, website, UV about 50000 or so, PV is about 500000.

in 2006, CG long model site to collect their favorite 3 d model material, created this community, to share their design, like some of the material. Under the content of this small community influence gradually expanded, more and more users to CG model for 3 d model, has become a high-profile CG industry 3 d model library community.

2014 Beijing well-known Internet companies to its wholly-owned acquisitions, CG model network team is responsible for the operation. Earlier this year, the team will set up his own company after its repurchase and began formal operation, the current team a total of nine people, three core founders is the animation specialty, six other operations and technology, the promotion personnel respectively.

in the Internet age, the network is the first choice of material and inspiration stylist, design industry relies on the Internet has become a new trend. 3 d model is the core of the designers to create resources, is also the most fundamental demand CG industry. In theory, the user can be found by searching the want to find the material, but in the era of information explosion, the effective work of hurt too much information. Users need more discriminating material distributors, to a large number of filtering material, CG model network just provides a solution to this problem. Web site has a group of designer, willing to share their model on the platform sharing model is selected, the user can be uploaded on the web site to download the purchase and sale of 3 d model.

with the rapid development of CG industry, the designer’s demand is also growing, paid model of CG trading platform also have greater opportunities. “At present, pay trading platform can only choose a few foreign websites, CG model for domestic designers actually very inconvenient, and CG model network into paying CG trading platform, CG model network also happens to solve the CG industry.” CG model network operations director Dong Yan tell hunting cloud network.

competing goods, the same kind of vertical community platform have intimate figure, standing cool, love figure, such as some communities, mainly around the graphic design field. Although intimate figure and standing cool tried to expand the field of 3 d model, but because of the influence of the community as a whole orientation, does not focus on the block. CG models, by contrast, net focus on 3 d designer this small community, for many years the accumulation of advantage also have more resources and users.

in the future, the network will also according to different levels of CG model designer provide difference services to better meet their needs. For example, students and the benefit to upload more new entrants model work is given priority to, to learn and grow the corresponding to the site will be doing online education this do service for them; Gradually, development and stability to show their designers through the model works, the accumulation of the industry reputation, website will establish merchants alliance help users make the brand; Those who already have a certain visibility designers besides can communicate industry, also can through website hosted by industry competition to obtain further “fame”. “Website late to do an authoritative platform for the event, which is our development direction.” Dong Yan tell hunting cloud network.