CCTV 3 · 15 party reveal harassing phone calls: telecoms operators into behind

note: hunting cloud harassing phone calls, harassing messages ills has become a problem in the mobile phone users, on tonight’s broadcast CCTV on March 15, according to the survey operators are also provide convenience for criminals, including allowing passthrough, etc. The following part for the CCTV 3 · 15 evening transcript:

harassing phone calls, sometimes should meet several even ten a day, each other sometimes I pretend to be police, Banks, such as fraud, who is the driving force behind it? Are you sure you can’t believe, China mobile, China railcom provide various support for harassing phone calls, and even call “10086, 110,” fraud the go-ahead, discover the fraud phone display false calling number, still allow passthrough.

telephone recording:

1: hello, bank loan do you need? ……

2: our company has industry official invoice…

3: luxury apartment is just $90000…

believe everybody every day is such a telephone harassment going, why we will receive so many harassing phone calls every day? The phone is out of where?

this is Shanghai silver wealth call center, dozens of operator is busy dial the phone.

“hello, Mr Spot this rocks have focused on understanding the silver investment?”

the original, this call is to promote classes of harassing phone calls. The operator their estimates, “constantly play (playing) a day more than 400.”

here is the west nk 亁 call center, the operator is busy selling the products.

“hello, are you working in Beijing? You got a minute or two time? How do you do… “

the west nk 亁 electronic technology co., LTD. Manager li said: “we went to direct import 10 tens of thousands (phone number) in the system, the system can simulate the artificial, once again into our sat down here.”

Newton orchid call center in Shanghai, without artificial reclined at the table, here to do voice call.

telephone recording 1: hello, this is Canada, American ginseng free distribution centers across the country…

as long as the voice of advertising a PC, Newton orchid voice group call system will automatically dial the telephone, call volume is more astonishing.

Shanghai Newton orchid stone information technology co., LTD. The manager said: “(health care products customers) today, he played a total of 1 million calls, is through to 360000.”

in the country, CCTV financial reporter learned that the call center and there are many, every day, they will constantly harassing phone calls to all users.

Shanghai yan best information services company manager say: “outbound marketing, such as selling cars to sell a house, we are now in to sell.”

the benevolence communication products co., LTD., guangzhou kelvin zhou said “make a phone call at the same time, you can call 15000.”

Shanghai han cloud staff told us: “I now is a total of 500 seats, one day at least can call 90 to 100.”

guangzhou number knowledgeable person manager li said: “you can call anywhere I love cry, you don’t shout to the mayor, where to go.”

every day thousands of harassing phone calls to the user in, some mobile phone users will install the software, to intercept, block of harassing phone calls, call center, however, and the user played the defensive side.

Shanghai wisdom mail marketing planning co., LTD. Yan manager said: “according to the number of essentially random, because otherwise it is easy to be blocked.”

Newton orchid information technology co., LTD. Shanghai stone manager told reporters: “you know shield is now very serious, but our room number, is basically in a two days.”

some of the call center in order to further increase the confusing harassing phone calls, you can even follow one’s inclinationsly arbitrary number.

jinan wide standard call center finish manager said: “is to show any number can be, yes.”

west nk 亁 electronic technology co., LTD. He even said: “I want to show 110.”

west nk 亁 company shows this magical technology, easily on the reporter phone shows an actual phone number does not exist.

in the same way, guangzhou teng xu will also press random put forward a number of dial in phones easily.

CCTV financial journalist asked guangzhou teng xu call centre staff: “what do you have to fill in that number can be?”

the employee replied: “yes!”

reporter asked: “what, 110955, 88 can be?”

“ok.” The answer is surprising.

why call center has such a powerful technology? Originally, behind the other companies, dedicated to provide technical support.

shenzhen Jin Lun technology is a set of system of call center special research and development, already can batch outbound, still can voice group call, Jin Lun technology has been around for call center construction in the tens of thousands of artificial reclined at the table.

shenzhen Jin Lun rui technology co., LTD. Shanghai branch manager is introduced: “group call this is the amount of tens of millions of.” “Every day?” “Yes.”

meanwhile, Jin Lun technology also provides a large number of telephone number, so that each call center to deal with the user’s screen.

shenzhen Jin Lun rui technology co., LTD. Shanghai branch manager told us: “too shield us in number, and number is infinite.”

in order to let more beguiling harassing phone calls, increase user identification difficulty, Jin Lun means of science and technology will also use more severe, help the call center display calling at random number, the technology, in the industry known as “passthrough”.

shenzhen Jin Lun technology co., LTD. Manager shaw: “passthrough no problem, the cost of passthrough is a little higher. More than a penny money.”

in addition to Jin Lun science and technology, there are many companies that provide convenience for harassing phone calls.

Beijing tianrun longtop technology co., LTD. Xue manager replied: “I can help you to passthrough, what number do you want to passthrough? You passthrough a fake number, mobile phone number (can).”

m led communication technology co., LTD. Shanghai LAN manager: “rough is’ call you of that kind of (a call).”

Beijing the communication technology co., LTD. Shanghai branch manager zhang say: “this not audit, who do you call it doesn’t matter.”

group telephone, show a false phone number, not only to open the door to a harassing phone calls, but also be used by some criminals. A large number of publicly reported, according to a lot of cheater use technology, such as the group of shout, passthrough the calling number display bank, public security bureau, the court in the phone number of the fraud, fraud amount is less, hundreds of thousands of millions more.

with the powerful technology and equipment and support, the user is more difficult to get rid of the physicality of harassing phone calls. And in order to improve the precision of the phone, the call center also collected a large amount of personal information data.

Shanghai han cloud information consulting services co., LTD., staff said: “all kinds of data.”

guangzhou teng xu call center staff said their data on the server, “millions of.”

more information technology (Shanghai) co., LTD Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter: “we have a number of more than 9000.”

this is the west nk 亁 technology company’s personal information, this is company of guangzhou teng xu’s personal information, this is the personal information of Shanghai wisdom mail marketing planning company, it is more than Shanghai song information technology company’s personal information, including name, unit, telephone number, license plate number, home address, etc., some even accurate to user account in which bank.

in order to protect the citizens’ privacy, China’s “criminal law amendment has to buy and sell personal information made strict rules to illegal behavior. However many practitioners in this field is still in desperate, to buy or sell personal information almost became an open secret.

jinan broad Canon never put off till tomorrow what you can call center manager: “our data has its own buy.”


more information technology (Shanghai) co., LTD, Eva airways had scheduled another round-trip charter: “have bought, because this is normal.”

west nk 亁 electronic technology co., LTD. Manager li: “sometimes thousands of one thousand yuan of money can buy, sometimes hundreds of tens of thousands of yuan of money can buy.”

in addition to buy and sell personal information, “Shanghai hundred companies collect users’ personal information means more secretive.

Shanghai yan best information services company manager: “is your opponent, he is not a fixed telephone, as long as it is telecom number, we can help you to find the shout into the phone number, must be more accurate.”

manager yan, head of the company has repeatedly stressed that the use of the personal information that can only be black-box operation, cannot write to the contract. Shanghai yan best information services company manager very vigilance ground to say: “this is very sensitive, that is, what data you come, now there are some grey areas, then involves the user information security, it is hard to say.”

to group of harassing phone calls, call center must use channel operators, operators how to control? The central financial reporter spot investigation, some operators actually provide a variety of support for harassing phone calls.

mobile co., LTD., Shanghai pudong branch manager MAO also very alert: “don’t call some of them roughly. Because it is possible to our leadership. Because this type of marketing call our leadership don’t like.”

when CCTV financial journalist asked “shout before will want to make sure the taste is not willing to pick you up to this phone call, this requirement?” Shenzhen branch of China railcom Guo Jingli directly said: “this we don’t care.

Guo Jingli further stated that for any display of the number of the false behavior, call center operators should control the responsibility.

shenzhen branch of China railcom Guo Jingli further explained: “that is to say, I don’t open the passthrough function to you, I give you what, what you have to (display). What you send, can you send 110. But you sent, operators don’t you go out, you’ve been stuck in here.”

abuse passthrough show false calling number, confuse the user not only, but also by some criminals to commit fraud, because of this, the ministry has repeatedly the behavior to show false calling number to carry out the management work, however, reporters found that some operators still permit passthrough.

move west branch in guangzhou High manager said: “you can now passthrough number, in fact is so say, doesn’t mean no, that this is actually a bit against the law.”

CCTV financial reporter ask: “this is how I know GaiHao can?”

the high manager: “ok.”

the acquiescence of operators and technology companies, under the support of the call center will be more and more calls to the user, and we can only again and again by harassment, reacting time and time again.

guangzhou teng xu xu manager: “afraid of complaints, because almost to 315, 315, 315 (during) all stop you then.”

technology company staff: “you see now no more junk messages, because of short are closed, so I have to on the phone, turn this into a voice call, now the phone a lot, this can you feel ah, group call phones don’t tube as spam messages, certainly, it’s only a matter of time.”

once we three? 15 party tracking reports of spam messages, for three consecutive years through multiple departments jointly governance, has less than in the past a lot. The menacing harassing phone calls, and 3? 15 also will continue to focus on the party. Because, this kind of harassment is worse than spam messages also. And more let I didn’t know, should be responsible for the supervision of telecom operators should also participate, to facilitate the dial telephone harassment. Harassing phone calls this kind of pollution so it is time to take clear, not because the interests of the individual enterprise, bear the pain of intangible let the whole society.