“Catfish” Google Project Fi, let you free switch operator is no longer a dream

Google’s new a new mobile wireless service Project Fi, bring us a big wave the latest technology for the service benefits. It can automatically between traditional cellular and WiFi network switching, when the switch to WiFi mode, you can still call send text messages, even if you were to speak, is certainly won’t be affected. And want to get all of these services, you only need to pay a little cost per month with respect to OK, don’t like the present that operators, service prices are far too high, also with package binding conditions.

the service but it brings us one of the most interesting benefits, but not mentioned above, but Google, t-mobile and Sprint cooperation, the two operators, the two operators at the same time provide a data network service for Google, so, when your position is changed, it is not only can let you switch from cellular networks to WiFi and then cut back, but once you open the Project Fi, also can switch between t-mobile and Sprint intelligence, this depends on your location signal, which the strongest signal which is automatically connected to the network.

“the most unique thing is that you will no longer be bound to a network. You can switch back and forth between the t-mobile and Sprint, free along with the gender, it is a great innovation, allows users to get rid of the bondage of the operators, thus more freedom.” Mobile hotspot Karma chief operating officer Robert Schouwenburg evaluation. Karma and Sprint also talked about a deal, trading content and Google Project Fi service is similar.

at present, the service of Google can only be used on Google flagship smartphone Nexus 6, although there are still limitations, but the service opens a new door to you, in this new world, the big operators, like Sprint, t-mobile and Verizon, AT& T, etc., will be the trend of The Times on behind the scenes, far away from our daily life. In this world, we no longer need to care about what we use in the network, what is the brand name of the network, mobile phone will automatically help us anytime and anywhere even the best on the network. Isn’t that what we had in mind the world?

apple opening this case

even before the Project Fi, mobile services began to develop toward this direction. Apple in the latest release of the Air 2 has joined the virtual SIM card (SIM) Apple, allows users to choose and the freedom to switch carriers. Basically, a virtual SIM card so long means that you can try multiple wireless operator network, and then choose your favorite one. As time goes on, you can easily change operators, the Air is different from the previous 2 any device, it is not dependent on any specific operators.

now, Google to push this concept further, it can according to the signal strength, automatic switch operators, the Nexus 6 phone built-in called a “multi – profile” SIM card, this is a real card, support multiple operators. Google will soon upgrade Settings, evolve into a virtual SIM card, network and provide more choice. Better yet, the apple because of its virtual SIM card already in place, can imitate the Google directly, can let you don’t have to manually, intelligent switch operators.

in the FCC (federal communications commission), under the supervision of operators to agree to all mobile phones “unlocked”, since the operators are nodded, then this setting will only become more popular. Because people pursue free choice, so mobile phone manufacturers will also begin to regulate virtual SIM card. Yes, unless operators to nod, cannot achieve automatic switching network connection. But t-mobile and Sprint the two operators has accepted Google’s new Mobile world. And these companies like apple and Google also for his equipment continued to expand the operator choices, other mobile phone manufacturers will also follow this trend, and ultimately to other operators will nod.

Google in a plate of great chess

Google launched Project Fi, is want to accomplish such a blueprint. “According to the Google data service costs,” Schouwenburg said: “the company’s profit is very thin. (Schouwenburg very have a say, his company Karma also provides similar to a data service, let the user on the tablet or other device can Sprint networking.) Google did not make money by Project Fi at all, it’s just want to show you the services, tell the world that it is feasible.

then other companies will compete to imitate, in fact, Schouwenburg said that Karma is interested to use the template of Google, do a similar Project Fi service. Today, the Karma wireless hotspot support only Sprint’s network, but he said the ideal, the Karma company also want to be like Project Fi, can switch operator automatically according to the signal strength.

it’s really just stating the obvious fact. Of course, not just the Karma hope to be able to do this, every people using mobile devices: I hope so. More network options, mean people everywhere can get better network services, which makes every cell phone, tablet, more easy to use. “This is the pain points,” Schouwenburg said so. However, the pain won’t last too long.

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