Cars have helped: wash the car as the breakthrough point to build car market after the O2O electric business platform

(text/Yang Sihui)

“Internet + car” is now one of the tuyere, everyone stared at the “auto market after the big cake”, “car have help” is no exception. Unlike other start-ups cut into the automobile industry, car have help pay more attention to the upgrade of a automobile service market.

car help WeChat version is launched in March this year, its main functions are now a car wash service. This month, the car have help will officially launch the APP version, will contain washing the car, maintenance, parking, supplies, car several aspects, such as service life. (also will continue to focus on hunting cloud network)

in 2009, the founder of the car have help rindia leads to upgrade the idea of automobile service market. In the process of communicate with some senior industry gradually clear the thoughts and ideas. Because at that time the mobile Internet environment is relatively backward, the traditional Internet products under the structure of logic and thinking can’t form a closed loop, a lot of problems cannot be solved, had to forget about it. Until the wind of the mobile Internet, may to the solution of the problem, the car has helped arises at the historic moment.

the idea automobile service market to upgrade a few people together, is now the car has a core member of the help. Both of them deep in the automobile industry professionals for many years, traditional management thinking and Internet also have to understand the cross-border people: precipitation years of senior practitioners, auto service industry in the domestic line electric business platform for executives, operating for many years engaged in media and media in tencent, ali, and other famous Internet company technical elite.

“auto service industry need to transform and upgrade” rindia convective cloud network said, “auto service is a kind of specific service is highly dependent on line form, to the venue, equipment, products, services, personnel have higher requirements. Today, the combination of cars and life are also increasingly close, but the car related services is still in a low level, low information symmetry, the state of the high cost, high risk, this is the place where we need to think in the Internet to upgrade.”

help the car appear, on the one hand, through the information means to cut into the B side, deployment of unbalanced supply now, at the same time use the scale effect, standardized process, help B end to reduce costs, the formation of scale management; On the other hand with the mobile Internet into C side, meet the C end of service reputation, information symmetry, reservation system, the security account requirements.

for similar products “burn money gathering user” mode, rindia don’t agree with, he told hunting cloud network: “now after market App, such as E car washing, etc., are all user mode. And we think, automobile after service market, the traditional merchant’s participation is higher, so our model is a traditional and business integration. On the basis of meet the user’s convenience, help businesses upgrade, the Internet, not only to the user, and in traditional business operations, consumables, service standardization, provide the corresponding solution in such aspects as promoting.”

car help to form a set is the development path of electricity, evaluation system, information query, payment, SNS, crowdsourcing mainstream solution for the integration of O2O platform after the car market. In situations where to get the money, the car has a gang will all money is used in the industry chain, user filling, help users upgrade rather than the traditional simple do yesterday.

“in this quickly and blundering Internet startup agitation, sink down, sink to the industry; Stand up, stand at the top of the industry, perhaps is the best mode and state of mind.” Rindia convective cloud network said.

it is reported that the car has to help angel round is underway.