Carpooling war victims of love carpool plan to stop the service

(word/jing-jing fan)

25 May love carpooling to push users to stop service notice, notice, to zero on June 5, shut down the server, to stop all service support. Once confident team is dissolved, not let people eyebrows.

, according to official news love carpooling was established in September 2013, so far, has developed a 23 cities across the country, over 20 million users, on the eve of Spring Festival last year, “love carpool” successful completion of the three rounds of financing.

love actually carpooling to dissolve the message have shown earlier, on May 12, the relevant person in charge of love car pool in a circle of friends “Beijing team the last photo, thank you for all the people all the time. Growth, on the way to continue “message is revealed that there was a problem in the Beijing market. Hunting cloud network to its verification, the other side also said it would exit the Beijing market, “other cities is also a similar situation.

for the result, love carpooling team said although it’s a pity that is accepted, it will be to a strategic blunder. Early to enter the Beijing market, must subsidies, vehicle cover, fierce competition makes love carpool in developing such as the heart is unable to do.

as the giant into unceasingly, in succession to stimulate other carpooling project financing, 51 car and every car has to obtain baidu C round of financing, tick carpool also announced a $100 million C round of financing, and love the carpool the fourth round of financing is not confirmed.

drops quickly and launched “express” and the “free ride” of online services, and a massive subsidies. Carpooling gradually become giants in the field of game, expanding market money affect, startup carpooling areas change what to do, maybe love from sharing a failure case can draw some lessons.

attach love carpooling notice to user: