Carpooling help: cross-border business from scratch, carpooling software social transformation

(text/He Yuying)

about carpooling helps create reasons, this little story with a warmth inside. Carpool for the parent company of affiliation luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor) group limited liability company has offices in luzhou and chengdu, the staff, because of the work and family needs often between commuters. Because the information is not Shared in time, most of the time line as employees are scattered in different means of transportation. “We found this problem after think it is a waste of resources, are you a empty back to luzhou and other colleagues is crowded buses, so we want to can have a good solution.” Carpooling help founder Dai Xutao said.

at the end of 2013, luzhou laojiao (a kind of daqu liquor) group co., LTD launched a carpool for projects, starting from the practical problems of solve internal employees, started a crossover of entrepreneurship. 1 May 2014 RiPin car to help launch, launched the android, iOS, mobile phone edition of the client. More than 10, ten thousand people, there are users, the number of live, on average, established in seven thousand. Carpooling to help product manager zhang told cloud network hunting, chengdu area are major carpooling to help promote a model of the market, but it would be a surprise in didn’t do too much under the premise of promotion, Beijing area also have a good market.

carpooling service is based on the planned route, drop, and it is a necessary ingredient to a successful carpool. So relative to the limousine service, the deficiency of carpool types of products on the convenience, the size of the market is restricted to a certain extent. Dai Xutao thinks, carpooling to help the problems one is technically still need to improve the matching precision, another is to carpool concept of the public.

“carpool help the purpose is to save resources, I think that the use of carpool to solve urban congestion problems, alleviate the pressure of the environment relative to the limit line is restricted, limited number, it is a better way. Through the carpool service, we hope to convey a concept of green travel, at the same time also can reduce the distance between strangers.”

there are many car pool market similar products at present, such as ha ha carpooling, AA carpooling, love carpooling, etc, in order to quickly occupy the market resources, set off a red envelope subsidy wars of the industry, and attract users in the form of cash back, sometimes even carpooling not only don’t spend money can also make money.

because of the differences in the concept of market, carpooling scuffle for help did not join the competition, has so far not to launch the activities of the red envelope cashback, mainly focus on the improvement of the product. Carpooling to help market manager li Yang think carpooling mainly provide convenience for people of the same route, through the market survey found many high-grade car owner carpooling prices remain at around five dollars. “But in fact they don’t lack of this five dollars, a few strange companions more attractive.”

for future development, carpooling help have two ideas. First, carpooling as introduction, for the user to create a community. Zhang told cloud network hunting, carpooling help was plotting a carpool relationship based “life circle” and “professional”, let the user from online to offline back online. Second, car pool owners as the main object, form the car after market service chain.

“now carpooling or partial commercial market, all the car will talk about money, but actually carpooling originally should be the purpose of efficient use of resources, the construction of interpersonal trust.” Dai Xutao and his team believe that tender should be carpooling platform of social responsibility, warmth is why they started.

but as an Internet product, in the face of market competition, carpooling helps the follow-up will also introduce some subsidy policy, the subsidies might be for the owner of the car maintenance services. Outside the carpool function will also launch such as “mutual use parking space” for the purpose of sharing resources.

carpooling helps to hunt cloud network, according to the project has been completed the angel rounds of investment, at present, financing plan.