Carpooling CEO for slightly: I studied in the lake for a week at the university of notes

note: hunting cloud by jack ma, former principal of lake university recently has officially start teaching, reports or call for more of the outside world, but the class how to really, what are the specific measures, make students feel? Carpooling CEO for slightly after a week of learning process to record a brief note, the following parts: its content

time: on March 25, Wednesday

day gas: cloudy clears

the curriculum: 9:00 ~ 22:00 lake college preparatory camp Big flower HuaLing international B1 collective talking nonsense

lake university school begins! The first day of the task is a harp, collective do then collective talking nonsense…

today we woodwork lab in hangzhou to a day of the xylophone. Whole class 36 students, were divided into 6 groups. Each group to do two xylophone, modelling is each one, to play two days after the opening ceremony. On select material, grinding, choose scales, paint all want to diy, similar to the team training, the goal is to make students in the process of doing a harp division of labor cooperation, increase mutual understanding. The work of our group have?

our group has been busy at 10 o ‘clock. In the end, I and cheng-cheng liu (36), founder of the krypton, Zhao Yi (local folks), founder of the two classmates ran six miles back to the hotel, really cool! Schools have no place to live, 36 people live, so we are next to the hotel.

PS. At noon we eat lunch box, as if returned to the campus, very excited today.

time: on March 26, Thursday

day gas: shower

the curriculum:

lake college preparatory camp 9:00 ~ 17:00 Big flower HuaLing international B1 “black”

outside class:

18:30 ~ 20:30 murraya chamaecyparis pisifera resort hotel opening dinner: are generated by the lakeside

had arranged for us to do two days, I didn’t think you can get this done in a day. So, into a process of checking do yesterday morning. The teacher said, “this is a” found himself, discovery of each other “! Each students take turns to share their experiences, I the first topic and my task is “black” cheng-cheng liu, ha ha.

this share will become a lake “alternating black conference”! Everyone’s eloquence is very good, have straight black, have turned black, has a senior black, have taken before they are black, black is all, with no red in the dark… The highest frequency of group I was black, show the woods, the wind will destroy it, I know, it is envy envy hate…

before lunch, the teacher asked each group do a manual for their work, similar to the child’s birth certificate, our group and there is no suspense to become one of the first.

for tomorrow’s show, we began to rehearse! Rehearsal in the afternoon because of the rain from outdoor to indoor.

the classmates are undiscovered talent, Ren Xiaoqian (magic camera founder) very professional at playing the guzheng, ren to CDH (founder of thousands of companies md) xylophone knock like so return a responsibility, Zhao Yi good at playing the guitar also.

I’m responsible for drums. Yes, drums, not to play soy sauce… Li-fen wang founder (China) and Ren Xiaoqian praised me, said my drum playing well, qualified for CCTV music editor.

the evening dinner, the beginning of the school dong feng lun (wantong holdings chairman), xiao-feng shao, and many other guests present. Xiao-feng shao is secretary of the party committee, secretary general, alibaba group chief risk officer, he said in his speech, I hope the first students to the first phase of the huangpu military academy, also hope among us can birth a few to win the respect of world-class entrepreneurs in China! Party member of zhejiang provincial government, the original zhejiang industrial and commercial bureau chief, known as the “best in the history of industrial and commercial bureau chief” zheng Ming a read out of the failing to enter a period of 12 students name, said they had earlier than students classes, they are more than we a lesson – “how to face rejection”, is likely to go to the front of us, even to the lake on the podium. It make us deeply shocked, the 12 classmates blessing!

time: on March 27, Friday

day gas: Yin

the curriculum:

scenery 9:00 ~ 12:30pm four seasons hotel banquet hall Lake university commencement

14:00 ~ 17:00 7 1 floor lake lake in the university the university the first lecture: ma teaching

the same ~ 7 1 floor CEO 7:30 lake university dorm Jack ma, CEO Steve schwarzman, blackstone group teaching

lake university today officially start! Next, we will use three years or even a lifetime of time to think about a problem: because we are, what’s the difference in the world?

opening ceremony, President ma, school boards m.and w.meckling (tsinghua university, dean of the school of economic management), feng lun, guo-jun shen (the intime group chairman), xiao-feng shao (alibaba) secretary-general, provost Ming zeng (alibaba group executive vice President, chief of staff), consultant zheng yumin (the former zhejiang industrial and commercial bureau chief), blackstone CEO Steve schwarzman, etc that are present.

we are rowing a boat to go school. In the afternoon on the lake at the university of the first class, jack ma, the principal speak strategy for everyone. Shi yuzhu, dong and classes with us. I wrote on the social network “open you are the one” mode.

the ma system combed the for strategic thinking. Ma believes that an enterprise should first speak “mission, vision and values”, on this basis, to talk about “strategy, organization, personnel, management of KPI is to ensure that” mission, vision and values “of the ground. A speaking, logic flow a lot.

jack ma after finish speak, and students interaction for over an hour, we raised all sorts of questions.

at night, the CEO of the dorm, communication form and the like in the afternoon. Someone asked blackstone’s Steve, how to find a good wife? He said, to find a good wife and find a good partner and staff is the same, anything is the one instance. Mr Ma is also in the evening, he in response to “what kind of person is suitable for entrepreneurship”, said the four points: optimistic, bear ability, the ability of self-reflection, combat ability. When it comes to “lead”, Mr Ma’s interpretation is that not only is a war, standing in front of the soldiers to take the lead, but before the soldiers to the battlefield, ahead of competitors and subordinates understand the topography of the battlefield, understand the development of the situation. There are questions about the game, ma didn’t play games, think that the game is not good, but now some games to keep pace with The Times, have a good place, also accord with his views.

time: on Saturday, March 28,

it gas: fine

the curriculum:

1 2 floor 9:00 ~ 12:00 lake university (hereinafter the same) CEO strategy of art (a) the alibaba group chief Ming zeng taught

14:00 ~ 17:00, CEO of new perspectives: the way of entrepreneurial company’s growth Morningside venture partners Liu Qin teaching

18:30 ~ 20:30 CEO meat: ali’s key decisions reflect on (1) of the ant gold suit CEO Peng Lei teaching

today on a day class, 12 hours, 3 class, density is very high, the result is right also.

in the first two weeks of school, university of lake had send us first class learning materials, including ma alibaba 5 anniversary in 2004 to 2004, CEO of transition between the most important eight internal speech, professor Ming zeng about strategy “for all previous strategy meeting review, 2012, alibaba group organization department complete internal speech. These are internal information, and the content of the publication is slightly different, fully the actual situation of real reduction at the time.

we need to further reading all these materials, repeated grade, then communication is discussed in this paper. Jack ma, the President’s speech, is in the process of development of ali, each specific node according to actual problem, specific steps, and the future planning of reality, reflect the history of the development of ali experience in detail. Ming zeng, a professor at the two manuscripts, from a strategic point of view, confirm the development of strategic thinking in the process of ali.

unlike schools, all teachers have a lot of actual combat experience, and the case is very fresh, everyone is dry! Enjoyable!

however, beginning from today, we reach a consensus, is no longer foreign share all course content, ensure the teacher thrown when dry.

in the evening to eay () easy to use President schoolmate’s birthday party, we chat very happy. Later, I also talked about and investors, and is your company’s affairs, more than 12 o ‘clock in the morning to the hotel.

time: on March 29th Sunday


day cloudy turn moderate rain

the curriculum:

9:00 ~ 12:00 CEO meat: ali’s key decisions reflect on alibaba group CEO Mr. Lu (2) the teaching

14:00 ~ 18:00 CEO strategic art teaching Ming zeng (2)

today is the last day of the lake in the first module curriculum. The general lecture coherent lu in the morning, having substance in speech, humor humor and wit, harvest quite abundant. Afternoon professor Ming zeng and comprehensive carding again enterprise strategic framework, has a systematic improvement for us.

the lecture is based on ali, basic is ali’s story. Of course, we also know that the story of ali represent the past, not in accordance with the gourd ladle, can only be one instance through the story of ali.

the first week after the course, 10 students came to share their harvest and everyone talking about 5 minutes, I think everyone think sobering. I also want to understand a lot of questions, really regret it! Estimated classmates after return, according to these situations, his company do some thinking, adjust the relevant situation.

in the evening, and qin, mu, li-fen wang classmates flight back to Beijing, thanks to the lakeside wan shan and his team at the university of elaborate and selfless dedication!

share li-fen wang classmate on the last day of learning summary:

1, the bottleneck of enterprise development are the entrepreneurs, the bottleneck of entrepreneurs is the ability to enlightenment.

2, most of the entrepreneur on the analysis of the strategy is a dot, lack of knowledge.

3, today’s strategy is a dynamic balance, higher tolerance of uncertainty.

4, strategy is the opportunity and the ability of dynamic balance.

5, in the process of strategy formulation, changes in customer demand and the grasp of the business environment is very important.

6, operation pattern is formed in quality assurance to the customer and iteration in the trial and error.

7, duplicate reuse of expansion of core abilities.

8, a platform supports innovation is not far away.

9, ali’s strategy will be more today is found that the bottom-up from flash business, we have it enlarged.

10, e-commerce direct customer worth far more than its save operation cost of the intermediate links.

11 platform, if it has no killer applications do not rise.

12, the solution to internal innovation is detachment.

13, ali’s course is difficult to copy, even with those who walk again is unlikely to succeed.

this is my first module courses at the university of lake zhou ji:

in the lake in the university, do not accept the usual learning, should be called to accept the baptism at a time.

we all can feel, ma and his team to the attention of the lake in the university. Ali’s executives to give us a lecture, and it took a long time to teach. This to all our classmates a near distance and without reservation to see an opportunity to alibaba. We felt particularly in class, all teachers don’t have any conceal, conceal, very true, honesty, questions to the classmates know everything, can.

for me, very hard these days. Because our company is in the key stage of B round, drops a taxi into the carpool domain, it is said that on April 1, want to send the new product, the impact to our industry is very large, our pressure is very big. nullnullnullnull