“Carpool + car” mode, PP bus commuter travel

(text/Wang Saiying)

“subsidy wars” in the face of the car market under double pressures and administrative regulation, the development of new products, find new market value point a taxi has become many software companies generally thought. Currently, drops quickly announced that it would hard to hit 1 billion yuan subsidies for car, at the same time, Uber, China is also keen to get in. And the launch of the PP bus going – choose niche products.

PP car rental, vice President of LeiLiJun to hunt cloud network, said the new PP bus is to carpool + car “mode is the combination of product, it is understood that this custom commuter car sharing information service products, will provide office workers commuting commuter car service.

redrawing market

time less than one year, car market has developed to a blossoming. Although have distinguishing feature each, it is undeniable that there is a severe, but homogeneity subsidies with coupon is still of promotion of the mainstream. In the new round of car war, will have a number of companies to become cannon fodder, along with a few other companies mergers and grow.

the domestic car market is mainly rely on subsidies “throw money” for the user, but it is difficult to maintain. Taxi software on the market at present, for example, such software peak, many taxi drivers with a two mobile phones at the same time, but has since subsidies reductions and now every single subsidies is less than 1 yuan, many taxi drivers have basic need not. Limousine driver now also face a dilemma, a car driver said, “after fewer subsidies, the car are less obvious.”

taking a taxi is not the only option for user smart travel. The current public transportation in Beijing subway commute more than 2100, ten thousand people, and there are a considerable part of the world in this between public transportation and taking a taxi, it provides a new market segment. PP bus through ‘bus car to change the operation mode, will have a certain travel demand but not car to come out of the population division of the taxi, redrawing the market. “

LeiLiJun to hunt cloud network said, “through the collected thousands of survey data found that a large number of white-collar workers have linear commuter car demand. This let us realize that waiting for us to develop a new market, the concept of carpool + car can develop “

“carpool + car” model into a trend?

as we have learned, at present, PP bus has opened some of the needs of users commuter lines, “LeiLiJun said in an interview with hunting cloud network,” hop on and off the peak has been a difficult, not crowded, transfer to the inconvenience the public transportation unsolved problem. Between car and bus carpooling is an economic and effective way, but carpooling passengers need to go to a lot of time on the driver and other passengers, line is not necessarily optimal. PP bus by bus, car, made by the user demand, bus to response, automatic matching the optimal route and commuter car recently.”

pp bus USES to link, the developing mode of pavement with lines commuter network layout, according to a cloud network understanding, hunting now pp bus has been completed in the wangjing area network layout, and will continue after the upgrade, improve the whole Beijing area layout.

it is understood that the PP bus is still in research into the line, users in the PP bus WeChat public platform and PP bus official microblog all fill in the route survey, PP bus according to the data received feedback, open circuit. After “APP now is not online, online users can directly through the positioning, to select the appropriate line and the nearest bus.” LeiLiJun told hunting cloud network.

in addition to ordinary users demand response and PP bus also launched enterprise commuter service for business users. The high cost of commuter car, management difficult, severe waste is three problems of enterprise when considering a commuter, micro and small enterprises is also very strong demand for a commuter, small micro enterprise also travel to provide employees with good benefits, but the traditional car rental companies do not meet their needs. PP can bus for these small micro enterprises’ carpooling ‘. At present, PP bus has been working with shake handshandle net, enterprise bus has officially opened recently.

in the future, “carpool + car” model maybe will become a trend. Will spare bus commuting with users demand integration through the Internet, enables the public to maximize the resources, also meet the user’s experience, also accord with the laws of the Internet operation.” LeiLiJun such convective cloud network said.