Car to protect the treasure: is the escort car after market service O2O platform

(text/Shen Xiaoxue)

at present, China’s auto industry present a huge purchasing power, which not only brought substantial profits for automotive suppliers, more gradually formed the industrial chain of automobile service market after clear.

bluntly said, automobile after service market is the consumer is buying cars produced in the process of the use of fees associated with the car, maintenance, maintenance, spare parts, beauty, modified, oil and other services. Is an organic component of the automobile industry chain is very large, not only include the car sales in the field of financial services, including the more complete automobile after service market. Car to protect the treasure, is the after service market, and its broad extension.

co-founder and COO to hunt Wang Daxin cloud network, said after the car service market there are pain points for the owner, is not a letter: I don’t know 4 s inn to choose who good? How can I not be pit? Second, do not understand: never choose products, how to real? When do maintenance? That is the owner of the DIY ability, small white car owners. So, the car to protect the treasure to form the structure of target users for the center with the owner.

in the car to protect the treasure, the owner can choose high quality sites, nearby detection for cars, and the service and technicians are experience and evaluation. Cars will protect the treasure according to the owner of the vehicle matching ratio of standardized, record and service remind time line, and provide funds guarantee 15 days, in addition to provide exclusive service platform, such as the door take off car, etc.; At the same time, the car to protect the treasure with inn, consumption goods suppliers, enterprise team cooperation. These services through service qualification certification and car to protect the treasure of the screening, carried out in accordance with the service ability and service level evaluation and defined.

under the boom of O2O concept, the user’s time become more fragmented, car care treasure APP version offers LBS shortcut to store navigation and fragmentation time order timely evaluation; Web edition provides clear without interference of the entry process, without any technical judgement can also order smoothly. At the same time, to provide convenient and docking for suppliers and services, make its master regional trading data and trend of calculus, car care treasure local query system of supply chain is established.

on the operation mode, the car to protect the treasure to put forward the development path of reverse O2O, car care treasure that offline service ability is important, first of all get group users, signing team, attestation service point, the online guide, offline provide a full service from the maintenance to the parking and insurance, and accident treatment, maintenance, relief, such as generation of driving just tied to high frequency user habits, establish public praise and social sharing, step by step to service extension to drive, used cars, mortgages, real estate joint promotions and industry value-added services. In addition, the car to protect the treasure self-built contains model library and product library, cheng is the key to curing library database, and the price includes model algorithm, package combination algorithm, data analysis and platform interface technology at the core of the algorithm, is bound to provide strong support for offline training.

cloud network hunting, in November 2013, the car to protect the treasure PC online seeds and more registered users, millions of angel investment in June 2014, September Web version online, further perfect the process of user experience, oct chengdu branch business start-up, Android and IOS version APP launched one after another, and thousand seed users. As of January 2015, the car to protect the treasure daily trading into a single in 30 +, subsequently, deyang regional pilot start.

at present, the car to protect the treasure to reach a strategic cooperation with many brands: PICC for hundreds of thousands of owners to provide insurance agency, E generation from driving to provide off car maintenance, Shell oil card top-up and booking services. Main products supplier for WURTH, MANN FILTER, FEDERAL MOGUL, etc.

car guard treasure team with rich experience in auto industry, both the auto service industry experts, and there came of the supply chain and the Internet industry veteran, founder and CEO jiang-tao Chen has 14 years of experience in the automotive industry, has founded figure a car magazine and automobile related O2O platform; Co-founder Wang Daxin in automobile industry for 8 years, has founded auto B2B website “51 and replacement net, automotive electronic modified BOWON”, etc.; Co-founder wang hao in the automotive industry for 13 years, successively for Japanese MISUMI, Germany WURTH regional director of sales.