Car bags here! Build for car problem with precise information platform “prescription”

(text/Wu Liya)

in 2014, co-founder car bag once Zheng Yuanhua went to 4 s shop repair. Bills down a look, a car has reached 2300 pieces, it’s the pain in your body, injury in my purse!” Later know the situation with industry friends, said according to the experience mostly throttle dirty, maintenance is 100-200 yuan. This is a true story that happen to Zheng Yuanhua, he thought that now many owners also exist and myself the same question, why don’t you do an App to help them understand and solve some basic problems of the car, to reduce spending on some necessary? So in order to solve the “ailment overhaul, excessive maintenance” pain points of market, help drivers to prescribe the correct “prescription”, car bag was born.

it is reported that the car bag company currently full-time team 19 people, part-time team more than 10 people. Trapping, the founder of the car bag, blue valley group, established in 2010, served as the blue valley group chairman. Zheng Yuanhua, co-founder, car bag in qihoo 360, baidu served as general manager, HP, etc. Chen wei, co-founder, car bag has more than 20 years relative working experience in auto industry.

the current car bag co-founder Zheng Yuanhua tell hunting cloud network, in April 2014, begin to do car bag micro letter, public way of trying to use the questions and answers for online disambiguation drivers. After four months of artificial online, if you have 50000, since the media to release more than 1000 overhead transport of article, more than three thousand reading quantity, several founders will classify the question which the drivers, found from 97% to 98% of the netizens can remotely help them solve problem. Car bag in September the first version of the App development, at present the latest version in addition to the manual for help, has the following several parts:

the man-machine dialogue auto reply. It summarizes some of the more common, the primary problem, users can directly find the answer you want. If not found the method to solve the problem, and then manually for help, so I can make up for the efficiency of the artificial problem.

car class. In view of the owners for the lack of knowledge, car class for owner’s driving, car and car maintenance habit for a help, let everybody safe lifting, reduce the traffic accident, also can make more healthy shape.

big data senior services. Zheng Yuanhua convective cloud network when it comes to the section of results from own a personal accident in December last year. Was rear-ended once, after the car owner due to forget to do the yearly check, the insurance company does not make any compensation, the car owner therefore bear all loss of nearly 6000 yuan. For when to do the annual inspection, change a driver’s license, maintenance, oil and other small details, owners often because of busy and hard to remember. In order to solve the user to the problem, the car bag, according to the data collected in the background for the owners to provide a personalized reminder service.
In addition, car bag for the owner will remind the owner of the same type of problem, and the owners are suggested. For example, one type of models of many users reflect the skylight ceiling leaking, car bags will be based on user data to the owner advice below the window don’t put a laptop, tablet, etc.

when it comes to future product planning, Zheng Yuanhua tell hunting cloud network, the next car bag also can increase the two plates. One is car file, ready to buy a car of the user can check it on the car’s bag want to buy car shortcomings, through comprehensive evaluation objectively, and then make a decision whether to buy. Zheng Yuanhua stressed: “for consumers, have the right to know what they want to buy what shortcomings. Will never accept any other car companies advertising buy car bag.”

the second is about car healthy digital data services, mainly for user want to buy used car. Zheng Yuanhua convective cloud network, China’s second-hand car market is not very rich, some basic questions about used car buyers don’t know. In the process of users find services, from buy on the first day of the final buy off bag and collect data, combining offline hardware means that more accurate data analysis, to buy a used car after the user to provide accurate with car health related data services.

Zheng Yuanhua to hunt cloud network is introduced, the current car bag around 100000 users, including the use of the App and WeChat platform of artificial service person for help. Registered users, 15000, can enjoy the car bag senior services.

Zheng Yuanhua

as for the profit issues, the future may be from two aspects to achieve profitability, one is based on the data analysis, to provide high-end personalized service, need this service could deliver a small amount of the membership fee. Other functions can be free to use, of course. Another car bag would join mall, to provide electricity service to drivers, sell some such as vehicle traveling data recorder, car perfume, etc are associated with car small objects.

when it comes to the current problems, the layered Zheng Yuanhua mentioned the user segment, because now many owners is 50, 60, or even how smart phone use is not very clear, so this part of the user to promote appeared problems. Hunting you said is that if drivers can understand useful information through the car bag, reduce a lot of unnecessary costs, this part of the user will also accept the idea of car bag sooner or later, they may be through their own friends and family use it and eventually realized that car bag, who is not willing to spend less money?

the current car bag has completed the angel round, plan to have A round of funding in the second quarter of 2015, the financing amount is 20 million yuan.