Can’t stand company valuations in China, the us VC chose to leave

note: hunting cloud Stephen Bell was a serial entrepreneur, first established a CORE automotive suppliers SupplySolution Products and network supply chain management services. In 2009, he began as a Trilogy of VC VC managers focus on China’s start-up investment opportunities, has thrown a more than 50 enterprises. Vc environment is now a rising tide lifts all boats, forced him to quit, “the valuation is too high, the best trading time is over”. The following content from bloomberg, translated by qq finance:

according to bloomberg, foreign venture capitalists think startup valuations rising in China, it’s not easy to find high-quality low-cost investment targets, the time has come out of China.

Stephen Bell spent seven years in the Chinese start-ups looking for cheap investment targets. Now, he will pack, back to Texas. He is convinced that the best deal era is over.

, 52, Stephen Bell do vc in China since 2009, the investment for about 50 companies. He investment focus on support of tsinghua university and other top Chinese college graduates entrepreneurship. Now, however, startup valuations are too high, he thinks that can’t find a cheap investment target.

in recent years, China’s rapid advances the vc industry. Investors hoping to copy the success of the company such as alibaba, millet. Alibaba listing last year, prices rose, while millet mobile phone currently valued at 45 billion dollars. Last year, China vc value doubled, close to the level of the United States.

“market like a switch in the change,” says Bell, as a Trilogy of VC VC managers, he cut the number of deals in China.

according to London consultancy Preqin Ltd., in 2014, China’s venture capital turnover reached $13.6 billion, compared with an increase of $4.2 billion last year. Over the same period, America’s venture capital turnover has increased from $36 billion to $54 billion.

Bell as an entrepreneur, which has been founded on three continents. In his Trilogy of Software sales Software is based in north Carolina, will travel to China on a regular basis. He and Liemandt decided to start my own business of venture capital in China, the main reason is the Chinese start-ups valuation is far lower than the American companies.

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