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innovation is the everlasting topic. Now to Google Drive this kind of giant challenge, the main user data security of cloud storage Mustbin added new skills: secure communication. “Identify browsing”, “secret camera”, reply “undo”, various methods emerge in endlessly, and see how it just.

Mustbin, a thought personal documents and other information of smartphones photo collection to provide safe encryption services of mobile applications, the step of the bigger today, with the aid of Mustbin 2.0 release into mobile personal communication. Nowadays, new applications have a lot of significant function of different from other competitors, including “cancel send” chat messages, hidden is saved in the mobile phone photo album, and quickly into through the built-in Mustbin cloud storage service encrypted personal documents, and so on.

in fact, after confirm received additional financing $1.5 million last year, the company first introduced in the application of communication function, and eventually won $6 million in financing.

at first, the company is thinking of to provide a mobile first safety storage cloud services, and the target point to the so-called “folder” (with a lot of personal data stored inside, such as bills, invoices, wallet card of the information, health information, bank deposit certificates, and receipts, etc. In simple terms, through a series of workflow, this app to help you to collect, record and share various types of file data.

there is no doubt that many users now by mobile phone camera to record some written content, but only this thing called coup, because those pictures are hard to reprocessing, and look for them in the album is difficult. But once they can synchronize to a cloud services, such as apple’s ripped, that the problem is not the matter.

although is also useful, however Mustbin if only by ordinary safe storage service can’t be with Google Drive or Dropbox such cloud services giant par. Perhaps it is because of this, Mustbin introduced a new secure communication function, the user can more operations on their security files, such as by end-to-end encryption technology to share data folder.

at present, the company to develop security communication function, the introduction of high-quality related functions, such as “identify browsing” and “undo”. The former, avoid your chats reveal due to push the message. Instead, the application will notify you receive a safety information. To see, you have to open the application, and then lose personal identification number to enter. Also, the “undo” the role of the equivalent of “temporary” news, take this user can restore herself to delete the content from other equipment.

there are “secret” camera, photo after photo aren’t stored in the album. In fact, it can be used to collect data and documents, pictures, of course, also can to more personalized treatment.

in addition, users can more easily share they have kept on Mustbin personal photographs and documentation, without the whole folder to share with each other. Of course, the software also supports group chat.

in fact, these new features are in some popular mobile communications applications (including WhatsApp recently been hacked and existence of security vulnerabilities Telegram) launched the security performance is controversial.

and the chief executive of Mustbin Satyender Mahajan said Mustbin in addition to using the end-to-end encryption technology, also encrypt the contents of the phone itself. He said: “the client encryption provides a solid guarantee for us… Thus, even if someone to your mobile phone, personal data will not leak out.”

but he also explained that Mustbin attempts to an innovative way to provide this level of security services, which in turn will establish itself as the refreshing platform.

Mahajan said: “our definition of privacy is more simple.” Accurate said, unlike that appear on the market for overly paranoid people tailor-made applications. He added, “we believe that the personal idea to be more flexible, like right now people want to be able to review the previous conversation. They want to quietly look at once chat history… So again, we also want to in the mobile phone for creating a piece of pure land.”

in the future, the application will introduce more interesting communication function, such as support for the clipboard, emoticons, GIF, and video chat, and so on. Because they can 1.000.000, and now this app with 8 GB of free storage, if you need more space, it will be asked to pay.

but as Mahajan said, although Mustbin will keep the communication, but safe storage function is not going to disappear, because of security cloud storage is a remarkable characteristic, and didn’t have a lot of people are keen on this kind of “communication and cloud storage” mode.

the last way, Mustbin nearly 100000 users, can be downloaded for free, iOS and Android two systems are available.

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