Can restrict skills Cyanogen give Google a fatal blow?

cloud network hunting note: Google Android open source code, Cyanogen want the move based on the Android system developed its own operating system, the two giants occupy a share of the operating system platform. Cyanogen want from Google, housekeep, occupy the market, and Google is neck and neck in the market, this is possible?

Cyanogen CEO Kirt McMaster think Google’s Android system is not open. The company recently received a $80 million investment to develop their own Android version.

McMaster in an interview with Forbes recently: “we are to Google launched a deadly attack.”
In an interview in the face of the Wall Street journal earlier this year, he said: “let the Android from Google’s control.”

McMaster in the earlier Business Insider interview also indicated that he believes those who rely on Google Android manufacturers such as samsung in the next five years will be defected cooperate with Cyanogen.”

McMaster’s ambition is based on Google’s new action, Google announced the open Android operating system source code, this means that anyone can rebuild and optimize the Android system. Including Cyanogen, Amazon, local Chinese manufacturers and other smartphone makers in emerging economies, have used the customized version of the Android system.

Google version of the Android system with many must be installed on the main screen of Google’s basic services. On a smartphone using Google version of the Android system, usually have to only use this version and to accept all kinds of restrictions.

according to Strategy Analytics, around the world has more than 1 billion devices equipped with flow for all versions of the Android system. ABI Research recent analysis suggests that Google probably occupied 50% to 60% of new mobile phone version of the Android system, rather than Google’s version of the Android on the new mobile phone accounts for about 20%.

so McMaster an improved version of the Android system is likely to have a long way to go, the enemy is too strong. It is on the one hand, but Cyanogen company operating systems have a chance to catch up with and surpass Google in emerging markets.

Creative Strategies is one of the best customer service technology industry company, the analyst groomed think Google in emerging markets may not be so welcome.

in emerging markets and handset makers tend to make the Internet company can cater to consumer demand in our region of APP and service. The Philippines Mobile phone maker, Cherry Mobile, India’s Mobile phone manufacturers Micromax Blu, Latin America, Mobile phone manufacturers are doing so. They use their custom version of the Android system, carrying their service in their systems and applications, and abandoned the traditional mandatory service provided by the Google version of the Android system.

Cyanogen than ever to focus on these niche areas, such as the recently announced it will with Blu and Qualcomm manufacturers cooperation, will own software more into the low-cost mobile devices focus on emerging markets.

Bajarin says, Cherry, Mobile and Micromax have been using their own customized version of the Android software. Cyanogen now the company is committed to make the version of the Android system like custom series is put into use more easy to use more robust. Bajarin seven years to predict the future there will be 2 billion smartphone into the market, most of which will flow into emerging markets, in this case, Cyanogen counter attack is highly likely to succeed. Bajarin said. “we will pay close attention to this aspect of the huge market prospects.”

if things go on like this, the Android version of Cyanogen development more open and eventually applied to tens of thousands of mobile phones, Android version will be more fragmentation. Bajarin says, even in today’s Google Android system, there are also much more special. Google itself is no good way to synthesize these multifarious products quad system more effectively.

at present, Cyanogen branch company has developed a set of Android system to install on the part of the Android mobile phone. This system allows the user to add more custom applications. McMaster to predict the future will be a new operating system allows the user to more follow one’s inclinations, customized software you need.

a person worked in Android development department told us, “if for some reason they API provided by the deviation from the desired effect, and then developers will face more work in order to cope with what they now face the dilemma of questions: whether it should abandon the Google API to develop Cyanogen described in the new version should continue to adhere to the original version of Google?”

for researchers and application developers the most attractive thing is that they can put their service is deeply rooted in the mobile phone within the system, thus to provide a better service.

McMaster in a few weeks ago and our conversation cited an example: a virtual assistant application, if it becomes a “core service” (Siri assistant to iOS, Google applications on Android) and not just a common application of the operating system, then the application will provide you with more accurate information in a timely manner. At the same time it also can get the number of a great deal of information. But if the software is third-party software, this is not possible.

Ryan d. Matzner is Fueled A application design company designer and chief strategist, he told us: “these words have certain truth, there are many deep integration of the third party software cannot be completed. This is has a completely open system potential benefits. Whether Cyanogen operating system can expand and finishing from McMaster ambition is still unknown.

but Cyanogen on Google did not reach the emerging markets have plenty of opportunities, gaining momentum, many large technology companies in order to help the Cyanogen together complete the occupation in emerging markets.

Twitter Ventures is one of the investors of Cyanogen company a new round of $80 million in financing, it is said that Microsoft is in contact with Cyanogen company cooperation actively, want on Cyanogen platform on the new application.

Bajarin said: “what will bring to the mobile platform Cyanogen change remains to be seen, it might be a more rich more features of the Android system.

Source: BI

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