Can fly up in the medical image source engine, iPACS “subversive medical”

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at present, our country the positive of the implementation of the strategy of “Internet +”, promote the integration of traditional industries and the Internet, some new forms gradually formed, “Internet medicine” is to convert practice from conceptual to the concrete. “IPACS” as a lightweight medical imaging, an open source engine, with a remote medical treatment and medical big data as the breakthrough point, advocating the concept of medical wisdom.

so the question comes, what is a PACS, what is a iPACS?

“medical imaging information system” referred to as PACS (Picture Archiving and Communication Systems), PACS is not subject to geographical restrictions can spoil the pure digital data of the transmission, the medical image is one of the doctors important cases information, is the important basis for the doctor to diagnose. “IPACS” with HTML programmatically, as a SDK embedded system, using Internet technology to realize the PACS nondestructive data transmission, makes the use of PACS way small and light, the doctor diagnosis and patient visits will not be limited time and space. Founder and chief executive officer jiang jiang told hunting cloud network. This should base on image data, social network to activate, doctor free practice and mobile medical Internet startup in photograph echo, we need not wait at this time.

iPACS engine, what change will bring traditional PACS?

ginger xinjiang convective cloud network said: traditional PACS serve system, leave the hospital, can’t use this tool, experience poor or no mobile end, and just iPACS is a tool for free medical practitioners, no matter where I belong to a doctor, Web access, mobile terminal, according to the efficient out-of-the-box. Compared to traditional PACS for single organization more, and because are constrained by the monopoly, makes it hard for cases of free movement of iPACS not only geared to the needs of various agencies, can also be geared to the needs of patients, all the time to establish a cross-regional cases of Internet Shared libraries.

iPACS how to realize the lightweight of PACS? This involves three scenarios of iPACS

remote image diagnosis: iPACS USES B2B2C or B2C mode, set up the remote image diagnosis platform of the Internet community. Process is as follows: first of all, by the patients in the PC or mobile terminal and an appointment to see the results; Then, by small hospital doctor workstation (towns, community, etc.) export data, may apply in the PC or mobile terminal for remote slice; Finally, in the cloud virtual images (operating platform) slice, the report form the cloud image library. The cloud virtual image made up of doctors online community resources, at the same time, the cloud image library is doctors learn the valuable resources and rich experience.

open source minipacs system: using iPacsSDK practising doctor for freedom based on the SaaS model of Pacs, medical records and to manage patient data exist in the cloud, data take away, get rid of the limit practice site, traditional backup copies and steps are omitted, and the patient PHR (the Personal health record) after connecting, the doctor is taking patients as the center is authorized by the patient to read the data.

APP embedded: APP + iPacsSDK=medical image enhanced APP. Jiang xinjiang convective cloud network said: for example, the use of iPACS engine for their dental APP into more of the image processing and display, you can directly call our SDK in the APP, this pattern is similar to the APP to have instant messaging and “link letter” cooperation. We give the APP embedded in a professional PACS show engine, you can based on its remote consultation tools involved, the doctor and the patient medical records to collect tools or medical imaging education classes, and even can also be used for animal bone, and so on.

“iPACS engine” of chengdu shadow of science and technology co., LTD., founded in 2014, is committed to use the latest cloud computing technology to solve the remote medical imaging and mobile medical image transmission and diagnose the problem. Team in both the backend development technology professionals, also has the image of the health care industry, etc.

founder jiang jiang has a HIT of 12 years research and development and sales experience, he showed the team spirit of open source to hunt cloud network: the traditional Chinese medical software company is not a professional positioning do lightweight PACS open source browser engine, system at millions of level, and installation of complex, so the Chinese so far don’t have a service for free medical practitioners of lightweight PACS, about more than 50% of the doctors resources concentrated in the eastern developed provinces large hospital, medical resources is extremely uneven, there are about 300000 doctors lack of high quality cheap education imaging tools, our second line doctor the misdiagnosis rate is around 30%, about 80% of the total land area residents do not have access to timely and professional imaging diagnosis.

we hope for patients, especially those with three or four line city hospital to provide convenient, price cheap, within easy reach of the remote diagnosis PACS engine based on cloud computing services, practice the “path to overturn health”. And through the mobile Internet cloud computing technology will expand into global markets.

it is understood that the iPACS engine program is ali healthcare cloud support project, the project team members with free identity as OMAHA (open medical and health alliance) contribution to the team members. In terms of finance, said jiang xinjiang are actively in the coming negotiation.

project: iPACS engine
Company: chengdu shadow of science and technology co., LTD.

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