By order of the phoenix phase information in the doing now?

(word/jing-jing fan)

recently, interest in engine information released a new version of the IOS. This version is in addition to the UI, make changes within the interaction, experience, etc, also focused search, subscribe and discovery, and other functions.

at the new version of the experience, the phoenix net President leah came now. Phoenix new media has the Particle’s a bit of information in the three rounds of strategic investment, invested $70 million, the cumulative stake of about 46.9%. Then cooperate with phoenix and millet has reached a depth of information is in what state and what kind of development plan?

to interest engine to realize the value of the user to read

with the user mobile era of fragmentation reading requirements, in the face of the same content will be better able to attract readers, and how in the shortest possible time for users to find information they want, without being bombed by dense information become the more and more concern of the users.

a little news of information customization mainly based on the focus of user interest and mining. Came in engine maybe can easily solve the user intensive information explosion of fear. Simply point the “engine” of information, is to “search engine” and “recommendation engine” organic integration, and combines the user search behavior the touch of the entire network data, and to learn the user’s interest and then to recommend, and voluntarily by the user “subscribe” to deepen the interest, established between interest points, (search) in active and passive (recommended), between the user access to information is more efficient and accurate.

so why information is defined as the “engine”, and it is what disruptive changes in the information field? A little information of IOS front-end APP development always responsible for the peoples armed xiaoxi summarized the following four aspects:

the first: precision. By users to subscribe to learn the user’s interests and preferences, the algorithm will be the backend or cooperation with the media to provide accurate information to push to the user.

the second: engagement. Users in the process of search and subscribe to, participate in the construction of their own channels and homepage, to build themselves interested in content.

the third: intelligent. By searching and subscription, in the background, through the analysis of the intelligence for users to create a portrait, in addition to users subscribe to content, also can know the user didn’t subscribe to, but may be interested in the content of intelligent recommendations.

4: human access to information channels. Can avoid getting some users don’t focus on content, not interested in reading, provide users with all the content is of interest to the user.

new version more in line with the IOS native user habits

this is information of IOS on the experience with more and more in line with the iPhone users use. Such as the iPhone’s most classic slide, drag and pull and drag operation mode, a little bit of information and the IOS version also adopted such practices, to experience more relevant IOS native.

on fluency at the same time, a bit of information on the new details will also be multifarious optimization, animation, performance in use is still very smooth. Home page is more concise, from past drawer to TAB type, can be more clear information want to push the content of the page.

this updated version, the other is a big luminescent spot “discovered” page, and a little information on this page out massive amounts of content, but through the algorithm of intelligent technical recommendations of interest to the user information, such as “subscribe to” care for * *. At the same time, can also according to the performance of the information on the platform, such as comments on top, top, the largest gap on “controversial” or comprehensive click, on top, share consideration of maximum value of the article “value”; Can also recommend to the user directional function through the crowd, such as “Grosvenor LTD handsome required, prick silk will see, white-collar workers required”, etc. A bit of information found function based on intelligent recommendation for users interested in engine, user’s interests outside the click and search again expansion, and release massive amounts of content, meet user value reading long tail.

in the future, some information will also introduce social interest, because not only subscribe to some key words, the goal is to complete the user of an interest in, the user may be interested in only some of the people, or interested in what is certain, so part of the social interest and interest. Next, will prepare English version online.

business model: interested in advertising and the media

commercialization will be a bit of information is one of the highlights of this year, in the understanding of zheng interested in advertising is the most accurate form of advertising, is also a little information of commercial attempt. “We’ll be on the user’s interest in the flow, according to the behavior of the users themselves, interest in his understanding, put some accurate advertising. But, if it does not hurt the user experience.” Zheng also stressed that these will have a quantitative indicators, such as by looking at the user’s retention rate, turnover rate, the use of the user market, can really push to the user both advertising and he is interested in the content.

as a news and information application technology leading intelligence, zheng explained from media emphasizes the depth and the long tail, and it is also a core value point of information. Point in the future information want to create a virtuous circle of media ecology, “from the content provider, since the media is very important, especially in the era of new media, combined with the characteristics of our products, since the media can ensure that we continue to produce high-quality, in-depth, the content of the long tail content provider.” To achieve the maximization of interests is a little information first consider.

zheng also said, these have become a little information one reason for the imminent commercialization. A little information, hope the product itself except fit from the media and high can also let them get stable returns. So zheng said, the future hope that through commercialization, through accurate advertisement, can make accurate advertising profits all returned to the media, what really makes the system a virtuous cycle. “Otherwise everyone to transition.” Zheng adds, since the media transformation, for a bit of information is also a madrassa reflected, is also a harm to the interest of users. To achieve win-win situation, is a little information of things to do.

and to cooperate with the order of the phoenix and millet, zheng said a little group of genes mainly product technology information, millet is a high-quality user channel, the user resources, and order of the phoenix is a veteran big media companies, both from the resource, user, or the team is more complementary. Some information is always OPEN, all is the OPEN state of mind, absorb all internal and external friends.