Busy culture of chicken soup, “mirror” to build the knowledge by sharing community

(text/Yang Sihui)

cloud network hunting note: a mirror is a knowledge-based social reading by sharing community, for sharing, people-to-people and cultural exchanges, social interest as the core, to provide users with graphic search, the essence of reading and social entertainment and other services, at present, the community of mirror PC version, WAP version, android version of the App has been launched, the iOS version is still in development.

“‘ name ‘is the result of our content many from the ancient and modern, Chinese and foreign famous classic,” mirror “take the rest, and the meaning of reference and comparison. ‘for copper mirror, can is the headgear; Looking-glass self, can make clear gain and loss; Based on the ancient mirror, can be replaced. ‘our product’s name was originally inspired from emperor taizong this sentence.” The founder of the mirror man cang tell hunting cloud network.

as generally the mainstream community, lens have registered, attention, fans, point forward, reviews, share the basic function such as. Home page with celebrities, name, name of album, focus on a few plates, the user can be found by celebrities, famous, famous, name is interested in the content of the attention, “notes and the beautiful” to make available the waterfall flow share photo wall to display. At the same time, a mirror through self-built search engine can filter retrieval dynasties, Chinese zodiac, constellation, ethnic groups, such as keywords, can help users to read in the flow of information content of interest. Registered users can use a series of sorting collection, network leaming extract and comments such as personalized content, and to share it to other social networks. A mirror all the content can also according to celebrities, project name, album and tag any combination, personalize the display.

“we draw lessons from abroad, such as Digg, Reddit, Storylane and Goodreads share similar community, also studied the domestic weibo, circle of friends, LOFTER and petals. We prefer to Reddit, Storylane and Goodreads story show sharing pattern to create a mirror, but now we still go Pinterest route.” Lens man cang tell hunting cloud network.

a mirror is a knowledge-based social reading by sharing community, “the social reading, the user consistent with their own interests by focusing on the net friend or like a celebrity, can be directly read in flow content of interest, improve the efficiency of reading. Through refining in the fragmentation of time information, through reading know more like-minded people, the users can experience the fun of reading more, and that valuable information can spread quickly.” Lens man cang said.

compared with mirror, domestic social networking site picture LOFTER focus image creation, mainly “photography”; Petals more pictures and designers rather than the content; And Revelations to wikipedia, moral integrity, select, and other social sharing sites target audience did not overlap with a mirror.

for the development of the future, more want to do a mirror is with the help of a celebrity, music, film and television, books and so on organization are more likely to be the popular consumption and share the high quality of the content, through in-depth sharing, interactive, interesting combination of PGC and UGC, build the core competitiveness.

business model, the mirror now, in the form of diverting cash access baidu, jingdong, taobao, dangdang and amazon’s promotion alliance, guide to the corresponding books, movies, games, toys and other electrical contractor, film and television, music pay to watch and download. Lens man cang said: “after the accumulation of a certain user scale, the use of the operation of the network game development resources, before we put a mirror as a content basis, cultural background and service support entertainment platform, will extend the range of a mirror to the service, to the media, to electricity, to the game, can find a good foothold.”

founder lens man cang is original shanda games overseas operations and commercial director, has held the world managers site project manager, the famous American price comparison shopping website Smarter.com product manager, Europe and the United States the largest game director of research and development of virtual trading platform IGE.com and PlayerAuctions.com.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, a mirror is actively preparing the angel round.