Businessman: jingdong platform brush single flood false trading close to forty percent

recently, jingdong spiral brush into a single opinion and media at jingdong official arrangements for merchants to brush list, used to people as “manufacturing” transactions, to a high jingdong trading data platform itself. Then jingdong officials say is a personal act. , however, a number of businessmen in jingdong POP platforms and think when hunting cloud network communication, jingdong official arrangements brush list already exist, they even think, jingdong is as high as 30% to 30% of turnover is false.

according to the huaxi reporter, a called Bai Lingyun jingdong first asked him to agree with the distribution, employees on the classification of informal leaflet, and then use the designated account to buy. The Bai Lingyun said: “ability can do millions, no ability, 50-1 million.” In see Mr. Wang after some hesitation, Bai Lingyun further said that brush is not the same as the single with ordinary brush. Because ordinary brush list “catch”, and this brush is “report”, to lead the mail for examination and approval, also advised Mr. Wang said it namely filling task, you can also reward Mr Wang resources, is the “what” to help each other.

for huaxi fact, many merchants in communicating and hunting cloud network, said jingdong official arrangements brush single behavior have already is not new.

a emotional merchants to hunt cloud network, said jingdong official sign for merchants to brush list already exists, “have long had, at ordinary times more than 100 transactions a day, suddenly a few ten million days trading, brush is not what secret. Jingdong haven’t owe us three tens of given so far. 30% – 40% are fictitious trades, “” brush is not our original intention, is the jingdong find you require us to brush list, and promised us brush will not deduct points, there will be compensation to us, but then all kinds of wrangling, owe money does not give us now. Filling performance when the thought of us, don’t use up to take a reason.”

according to hunt cloud network understanding, because involves millions of brush single dispute, guangdong a jewelry electricity has been formally charged jingdong, brush such as single dispute sued jingdong a lawsuit in court has made several, hunting cloud network will further tracking report.

for jingdong the raise, brush media exposure also exist single behavior. Technology observation exposure, said “all those in the platform and the raise of merchants are jingdong in giving by request of your brush list, that is to say, jingdong financial people afraid nobody made after product launch and data is very ugly, so, want to communicate with vendors well in advance, merchants ready to a sum of money in advance your brush list, since the seller buy, first read the data well. How big is this? 30%. That is to say, if you are on the jingdong the raising of 10 million yuan, so want to take out 3 million brush list first, jingdong will charge 5% of the middle. So, business is not a penny to raise, also sell to jingdong 150000.”