Business incubator 1776 founded two years, as Washington technology standard

note: hunting cloud in a short span of two years, Harris and wave to create enterprise incubator 1776 Washington has become a measure of science and technology circles. Nowadays, the business incubator has more can be done about the success of the case. So how business incubators in the United States the specific work?

filed in Washington, d.c., what people thinks of above all is not usually is the flourishing of science and technology enterprises. Members of congress bickering? That’s right. Finger-pointing government officials? That’s right. A large number of young people in a Shared office space programming, create new cool technology? That’s right. And so on, are also in Washington was forced to accept change, she is a place that don’t want to take any risk. Amy Schatz, Re/code site (Amy Schatz) through a set of series, explore some Washington people how to make use of its advantage of close to policymakers avoid low efficiency of industry regulation and how to win the support of liberals.

here is the article summary:

in the basement of a theatre in Washington, Donna Harris (Donna Harris) from ultra thick cream-colored sofa picked up her handbag, for business partner Evan wave field (Evan Burfield) said: “” I will be back in a moment.

, 38, wave field have a tattoo on your forearm, but was obscured by plaid shirt sleeve. Wave field is sitting next to the lunch near the table, checking email, and asked a strain of entrepreneurs on the problem of corporate revenue expectations.

Harris usually like to wear jeans, wearing a stack of layers of pearl necklace. However, today she is dressed in more formal dress and jacket. Harris went out and called in a wave of young people, she has promised to take them to the White House. Now, the White House is a global entrepreneurship activities, including Mark Cuban Mark Cuban) and other industry leaders will attend.

in a short span of two years, Harris and wave to create enterprise incubator 1776 Washington has become a measure of science and technology circles. Nowadays, the business incubator has more can be done about the success of the case.

270 entrepreneurs are more than 270 loft type of office work. 1776 is located in the opposite side of the Washington post newspaper, on the other side of the street. The company recently swallowed a incubator company is located in suburban Virginia, and acquired the Hattery office in San Francisco, sharing enterprises.

1776 May look like an ordinary incubator, or they will become after AOL, coming out of Washington and a scientific superstar, and this is the dream of the city for a long time.

before the group will help the most promising play this role, but it is just a flash in the pan. Home automation start-ups SmartThings originally located in Washington’s Georgetown (Georgetown), acquired by samsung last summer, after its Palo Alto headquarters moved to the south of San Francisco bay (Palo Alto).

Washington seems to be difficult to be in the center of science and technology innovation, the reputation of the various committees and squabbling MPS and shame us government of all kinds of bad technology products, such as Healthcare. Gov web site. For many years, but there are a large number of scientific and technological personnel to work in the Washington area, most of them is to serve the government or the national defense contractors. As science and technology enterprise products into our daily life, such as smart home, car and wearable products, and these products will be important information for us to track, so close to formulate laws and regulations for consumer lawmakers is particularly important.

when it comes to become the center of science and technology, ranking in Washington feels like home in children, and this identity is often forgotten. Perhaps because a lot of local technology companies focused on the big customers, such as government, defense and other firms, not consumers. Or Washington tend to attract and different talent in silicon valley, the former tends to be student body President and impractical social improvement of people’s choice.

at Georgetown university entrepreneurial initiative promoter Jeff Reid (Jeff Reid) said: “Washington from traditional way this may be a city government, risk aversion is part of her history, this characteristic is now part of their character.”

Advantages and shortcomings

education technology and language learning solutions provider Rosetta Stone former CEO Tom Adams (Tom Adams) could have picked the location of the new company in any place, but he eventually took a fancy to Arlington, Virginia, the only four minutes walking distance to Rosetta Stone headquarters, only five miles from downtown Washington also left and right sides.

in the Rosetta Stone and the washington-based education platform between the Blackboard, there are many similar Adams’s education class technology start-ups. Pedago Adams of the new company is developing a mobile application to teach business skills, eight people in the 10 workers from Rosetta Stone. Adams said: “there are a lot of talent. This place seems to be no different from other places, but in other places you can rapidly form a has combat effectiveness team?”

NerdWallet U.S. financial website data show that downtown Washington about 79 out of every one thousand jobs is in view of the science and technology industry, most of them related to military or intelligence contractors, particularly in the field of network security. Very attractive for young people in this area, according to the Brookings institution (Brookings Institute) of the report, from 2009 to 2012, Washington attract millennials, 12500 per year on average the number more than any other region in the United States.

the economy Research Institute (American Institute for Economic Research, recent studies have shown that Washington became the first choice for college graduates in the United States. According to the U.S. Census Bureau (U.S. Census Bureau) of the data, the average degree of the region, about 47% of the residents at least a bachelor’s degree, other than the United States metropolis.

Washington has these advantages have been for several years, but failed to promote local technology companies to become the region an important economic forces. And the U.S. department of commerce jointly compiled by 1776, according to a report of the eight major science and technology center in the United States of transverse comparison, Washington is only an above average.

report said: “although has relatively strong performance in other areas, but local businesses think Washington to take on a different role in the ecological system lack of interactivity, the whole network is relatively weak.”

induction, Washington is a city company, but the company is still the government, not technology.

Invincea network security company founder and CEO of anu, ge horsey (Anup Ghosh) said: “there are talents in Washington. In silicon valley, you don’t have so many advisers and support groups.”

PWC and the national venture capital association (heesen) recently released the latest MoneyTree, according to data from the annual report last year ranked ninth in terms of risk investment from the Washington area, the 121 companies a total of $1.08 billion. To be down than the $2013 in 1.58 billion. You know, the vc institutions in silicon valley investment reached $24.5 billion last year.

although the Washington area has a large number of angel investors and venture capital firms, one of the most famous is the “New Enterprise Associates, but local enterprises still complain that they have to go to other places for money.

Adams said: “if you want to change the world, you have to have a partner have the same dream. Every time I take part in the industry investors fair, I will go to the west coast, where investors for short-term cash flow does not value.”

Adams said, wise enterprises to prospective investors seek support.

welcome nerd

office in 1776, three photographers for Harris and wave field shooting pictures. Two people in the shooting process constantly. From 1776 to create more than two years of time, two people have taken a lot of similar pictures.

1776 office even become political visits Washington must visit options. U.S. President barack Obama last year summer here about boosting employment. British prime minister David Cameron (David Cameron) in January before meeting with Obama, come here to talk about the British government attaches great importance to science and technology. As a result, many politicians need to office in 1776 photo video for yourself.

1776 also welcome for a nerd, business incubator invited its members to participate in various academic activities is relatively rare, its listening to lectures include “authoritarian back?” And the user experience design and habit formation, and so on.

the business incubator focused on enterprise type, often involved in the field of government regulation, such as health care, education, energy, and transportation, they try to solve some complex problems. For example, 1776 of its Water Lens provides real-time chemical analysis for Water and other liquids. Babyscripts for pregnant women at high risk of blood pressure and weight tracking service, and to allow the data remote transmission, leave out the trouble personally run a trip to the hospital.

because most of these areas regulatory activities from Washington, 1776 thoughts is to entrepreneurs and lobbying group, regulators and local experts, so that we can help them save some trouble.

reed at Georgetown university, said: “the government and the surrounding culture exist for start-up of the negative impact of the government, but can also be a positive influence. Start-ups once in regulated industries, they need to keep a closer distance and policymakers.”

1776 for start-up companies to provide a centralized location in Washington, this is also the region lacks for a long time. At the beginning of the 1776 founded the government $380000 in Washington, the local government wants to encourage more start-ups rooted in the science and technology.

Harris and wave field is through the Startup America Partnership organization. The group was founded in January 2011 in the White House, founded by private investment, the purpose is to encourage entrepreneurship. Harris is executive director of the group, and was born in Washington, d.c., 19 years old started to set up the first software company of wave field, then joined the organization of the branch in Washington.

wave field, said: “there are so many resources in Washington. Science and technology workers, venture capital firms, lobbyists, and regulators. However, they tend to develop in their own circles, rarely intertwined. And that is 1776 create factors behind it.”

1776 isn’t a whole lot of incubator, the local has many start-ups and didn’t get her help. Those who try to research and development in the field of unregulated consumer application enterprise won’t go to 1776 seek advice.

from AOL to U.S. national security agency (NSA)

some of silicon valley companies dislike the NSA and other eavesdropping behavior of U.S. intelligence agencies. In Washington, however, the behavior of these organizations to promote the development of local science and technology enterprises.

as government contractors compete to attract talents of science and technology in the field of security, network security industry has made great development in Washington.

focus on local early start-up venture enterprise New Atlantic Ventures managing partner John Baku, (John Backus) said: “we are from a real world filled with bullets and bombs into a whole New world of weapons for bits and bytes. The world is changing in the field of network security.”

the company’s investment object Invincea is a network security company in Washington. Because the company is located close to the United States intelligence organization and the department of defense, it can take advantage of the geographical advantage for the private sector research and development products. Before founding the company, the founder of ge horsey was the defense advanced research projects agency (DARPA) of a program manager.

ge horsey leaves can take away part of his own intellectual property rights, after some key government contracts, launched Invincea Mr Horsey in 2006. Ge horsey said he started by the federal government. In his view, the government is a very good customer, they want to solve the difficult problem, at the same time is also very rich.

the Washington area is one of the most famous of the birth of scientific and technological enterprise for AOL. Washington, however, as the center of the history of science and technology much earlier, part of the credit should go to the MCI, and other enterprises. MCI before being acquired, was once the second largest long-distance telephone service. The company headquarters, xu Ben (Ashburn) is the north part of Virginia “corridor” of science and technology, the zone extending from Arlington to Dulles international airport.

like other science and technology enterprises, the region also suffered a blow of the dotcom bubble, the damage to a lesser degree, the reason is that many scientific and technological workers can switch to federal agencies and government contractors. You know, in 911, after the attacks, U.S. intelligence and defense spending has skyrocketed.

as AOL and MCI decline, many executives and employees of their companies are starting to work in the next generation of technology companies. In addition, there are part into a large defense contractor.

AOL co-founder Steve Case (Case) said: “silicon valley will remain strong, will continue to be the pride and jealousy by all over the world. In the next wave, however, I think you will be in Washington and other parts of the United States shocked by what happened. I think the capital will slowly answer.”

fame and fortune?

last year, 1776 launched the first “challenge cup” entrepreneurship competition in the world, the final winner is a start-up called HandUp. The company issued a video to help homeless people to seek online fundraising. nullnullnullnullnull