Build O2O platform “spring breeze” escort escort to provide high quality of their company


cloud network hunting note: sixth national census data show that China’s aging population of 177.5944 million people, 13.32% of the proportion of the population in our country, the data shows that our country has become an aging country, the degree of aging in unceasing increase. Population structure, population structure in our country presents the trend of the development of the “country”, many of the old man faces no country for old men to raise, old man or other health problems, lack of people around to take care of. In such a background, the spring breeze the escort was born.

the spring wind is a use of mobile Internet O2O escort the escort and extension of the model to provide high quality medical service applications.

as we have learned, at present, the development of the industry is a relatively poor escort. Practitioners of low degree of culture and age generally larger. Spring breeze founder said hong-bo wang hope can through the spring breeze escort escort make more and more people into the industry with professional quality, compared with the previous workers, to a certain degree of quality and cultural level of ascension, which can give the old man’s service have greater security.

when it comes to product purpose, hong-bo wang told hunting cloud network, one is the hope that through efforts to improve the quality of life of therapy, 2 it is to hope to establish a relatively sound through the spring breeze can escort service quality guarantee system, let the elderly get reliable and stable service.

spring breeze escort APP is primarily a hospital and family two entrances, opens at the hospital entrance will see therapy selection list. Therapy is divided into early, middle and high three levels, escort from low to high price. Time can choose ten escort 12 hours or 24 hours. Selected therapy after submit orders, customer service will call customer to confirm the order information, after the therapy began to door service, payment can choose online payment or cash transactions. Family entry mode is the same as the hospital, the characteristic is joined the nursing services. Spring breeze features is, in fact, senior escort escort, therapy are made by professional nurses, for this service is mainly high-end crowd of customer or client needs a large number of auxiliary treatment. Advanced therapy can provide higher quality and relatively professional escort services.

in the spring breeze escort escort time plate, therapy can create health through the APP file, upload process escort voice, text, images, etc., relatives far far away, also can understand and follow up recovery progress at any time, details, etc. Unlike traditional O2O mode, the spring breeze escort service time is longer, is a relatively long process, focused on therapy with the user a viscous twenty-four hours a day. Escort in the process of therapy are more likely to establish emotional connection to the old user viscosity is higher.

therapy before the formal launch will be carried out in a couple of weeks of formal training, training teaching material is from the unity of the social security. In terms of nursing experience, spring breeze escort had not made special requirements, relative to experience more important is the attitude. Escort and care has certain difference, does not involve treating behavior, escort is more about life, is a kind of “low skills, high attitude”.

hong-bo wang said: “now the main products are geared to the needs of hospital and the community, the key in the hospital. Hospital, the traditional escort company cooperate with hospital has its own way, as a latecomer, spring breeze escort also need to break the traditional structure.” Spring breeze escort hold an open attitude, hope to cooperate with peers is greater than the competition. Products on the market at present is single-minded to do care market is less, such as medical care will not only do care, including massage, acupuncture and moxibustion program, etc. In contrast, the spring breeze do escort escort advantage is focus, more targeted.

development planning, hong-bo wang told hunting cloud network, the spring breeze will be extended in future medical escort services, to join the related health management, late for the rehabilitation of the old man’s physical physical and chemical health inspection, also considered and WOWO supermarket central kitchen to establish cooperation relations, solving the problem of the old man’s dinner, etc.

according to hunt cloud network understanding, the spring breeze escort is preparing to launch A round of funding plan.