Build 2015, Microsoft developers under a piece of the Denver nuggets

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today from Windows 10 official for the first time to Build 2015 worldwide developers conference, Windows 10 has maintained a high popularity, attracting global attention. So, the reason lies not only in Windows 10 across the PC terminal, mobile devices, the style and the operating system on the unification of the Internet of things has many excellent features; More is that everyone is looking forward to is in the transition to “move first, cloud first” Microsoft, whether with Windows 10 across terminals and the unified operating system, with huge potential user base again capture the heart of the global developers eyes again let them will focus to the Windows ecosystem, giving Microsoft application development priority, boom the Windows ecosystem, for Windows Phone mobile operating system to the development of the key to break through the iOS and Android mobile operating system market share. Help, “mobile first, cloud first” smooth implementation of the strategy, make in the beginning of the “mobile Internet” behind Microsoft in an age of “all things” the Internet under the new opportunities opened a new chapter.

a, the biggest problem facing the current Microsoft

Microsoft’s biggest problem facing the current, with nothing but Microsoft’s dominance of PC continues to decline, and the rapidly developing mobile terminal Microsoft is slightly weak. The world’s attention from the PC to mobile end, Microsoft gradually entered the marginalized. To change the status quo and the out of the Windows Phone and Windows 8 two big kill, thought that can catch up the apple, Google, and the formation of at least three pillar. But because Windows 8 too radical changes, not the people. And a vicious cycle of Windows Phone ecological ills, its still the weakness of the absolute position of share of only 3%. The real performance is not very desirable, and consumers for its patience has fast close to the outbreak of the critical point.

in view of the current Microsoft’s biggest problem, Microsoft’s new CEO, “mobile first, cloud first” strategy, in view of the mobile terminal on the “cross-platform application, the system across terminals, embrace open source” the three big rescue remedy.

1. The application of cross-platform

due to their potential WP platform, will not be able to Microsoft’s productivity spread to every corner of the world’s big. Microsoft opened don’t stop for this “mobile first, cross-platform application”, for the iOS and Android operating systems provide their core level application. Yet Microsoft heavyweight applications such as OfficeMSN full range (Health, weather, Outlook, information, Bing), Skype, OneNote, OneDrive, Office lens, Office Remote, and the latest Microsoft Health have been successively tablet, iPhone and Android platform. And a lot of Microsoft’s garage application on iOS and android. And samsung, SONY, dell, and 10 an Android device manufacturers to recognize and CyanogenMod system developers products pre-loaded cooperation intention. And on the wearable device application, cross-platform, Microsoft is also a positive, its had for Android Wear to input method application, and listed on the latest Apple Watch more rapidly provides adapter version OneDrive, Word, PowerPoint and other applications. All this showed Microsoft for cross-platform application.

2. The system across the terminal

10 Windows system, realized the Microsoft long-simmering all unified platform, the span PC, mobile terminal, the XBOX and the future of the Internet of things, and embedded devices and black technology HoloLens. And through the Windows 10 have the same kernel, the characteristics of general application, enables developers to application development, you can run on support Windows all platform terminal, both decrease the difficulty of the application developer to debug adapter also reduces the cost of development, more expanded forehead application usage scenarios.

3. Embrace open source

Microsoft under, the biggest change, may be the embrace of open source technology. After taking open source technology for cancer cancer of Microsoft. Also played the “Microsoft love Linux” slogan, announced support Docker and. NET open source, support for OS X and Linux. And began to support in Windows 10 AllJoyn technology.

Microsoft for its sound on the mobile end the present situation of the micro is weak, the three prescriptions, sum up to two aspects: a ecological boundary is extended their excellent Microsoft applications, occupy the iOS and Android platform, cultivating the user for Microsoft applications use habits, making core application platform level products; 2 it is to build better application development platform, to provide better development tools, application development for developers to provide more convenient, to attract developers back to Windows.

and the surrounding building intelligent cloud, reshape the production efficiency and business process, create more personal computing ” three topics and Build 2015 of the first Keynote speech, of the three prescriptions will be Microsoft’s efficacy further play. First Keynote speech, Microsoft took out a large number of dry goods, enables developers to golden age into the application development, make its core level application level successfully become a new platform, provides developers with a lot of the development of new ideas. But watching the three topics, I want to say to the application developer 1: you are in the golden age of application developers; In the development and application, the adaptation on the application of the platform will be a direction of application development. And it is time to back to Windows this buried in huge treasure ecological blue ocean.

2, developers, cross-platform, the golden age of

in tonight’s opening Keynote speech, in the “cloud” building intelligence at the scene of the Microsoft released Visual Studio Code for Mac, Visual Studio Code for Linux. At this point, as the Visual Studio Code across Code optimization editor Windows, Mac, Linux platform, become a free platform for the whole application Code editor, this means that developers use Mac, Linux or Windows, can use the Visual Studio Code to develop applications.

it announced last year open source, today. The NET Core for Linux, Windows, and Mac preview release. All this, it is more convenient to let the developer of the cross-platform. And Microsoft’s Azure cloud top developers to provide more convenient. Microsoft Azure cloud has also hosted the 1.4 million SQL database, 50 Trillion storage objects, 425 million active directory users and 3 million registered Visual Studio developers Online. And it can realize the cloud on Azure cloud services programming, and in the Azure cloud service database pool, is the use of machine learning mechanism to study, the database pool will be more and more intelligent, and provide a more detailed report.

3, the core level application platform

the first Keynote speech, using Microsoft Windows equipment demonstrates Office 2016. The scene shows the Office rich scaling function, its extension has to be able to run in the Office on the desktop and online version and the version of the iOS. At this point, Office the original Microsoft core weapon has been upgraded to a platform application . Through plug-ins, can greatly extend the boundary of the application, then the , support for Microsoft’s core application extension will be the developers should be aware of a general direction. at the scene demonstration, Microsoft also shows the Outlook 2016 more interactive, and Uber plug-in, for example, you can use the Outlook startup Uber take a taxi. In addition. Microsoft also launched a Skype Web API.

, Windows 10 as a service, the convenience of developers path

as previously mentioned, 10 since birth is heading for unification in Windows, the same kernel, unified app store, let developers in the development and application can be one-time adapter PC, mobile terminal, the XBOX One game platform and the future of the Internet of things and black HoloLens science and technology. Application developers to develop a Windows (former general application) 10 equipment can support all of the Windows. The past developing applications for android and apple need to think of platform, in Windows on 10 May revoke, achieve a compilation, 10 full Windows platform device support. And, developers can integrate Cortana, in the application of the whole and Xbox Live (there are many applications have integration), and allowed to join the language, the natural user interaction, such as stylus is more cool can be applied to the holographic application of HoloLens. More importantly, this is a piece of their huge gold mine of blue ocean market. According to Microsoft is: in two or three years, there will be 1 billion equipment can run Windows 10, for developers, the market prospect of wide degree and gold content is extremely huge.

I need to take it in the amway: developers, don’t hesitate, now it is time to enter the Windows, the buried in a huge treasure of ecology in the blue ocean. It’s time for ecological developing high quality applications for Windows, if you’re afraid of, have a look at our nearest tencent, the QQ, micro letter have to log in. A moment’s hesitation, may bring disadvantage of backwardness is endless.

5, the controversial application access

in the first Keynote speech, Microsoft announced in the app store Windows 10 four new way to acquire new applications. One is direct Web application packaging solutions, direct reuse current server hosting sites and tools. The second is directly obtained in the Windows and Win32 application, developers can apply existing desktop published to the Windows Store. Three is the Android Java and c + + code can be reused to create Windows 10 mobile applications. Four is the iOS Obiective C also can convert a 10 application Windows.

with the Microsoft Windows 10 development language support, using Microsoft Visual Studio released at the start of the conference Code for the Mac, Visual Studio Code for Linux cross-platform compilers, allows developers to iOS and Android applications can fast transplant for Windows applications of 10. Using this method, bringing in all applications, good is that has plagued Microsoft mobile the shortage of ecological application with the hope of a quick fix, help lifting equipment sales, breaking the current WP ecological vicious circle. But the downside is that the developers have the convenient after transplantation way, whether there will be a developer willing to dedicated to develop the application conforms to the Windows Phone operating system features; Fast transplanted fast-growing application, how to guarantee the high level of application experience and reduce the occurrence of fake fake application. So, after the industry have this rumor, it has caused considerable controversy. Most WP enthusiasts believe that Microsoft’s this kind of practice is not a wise choice, more like a proliferation of behavior.

my individual thinks, the Microsoft chose this controversial practice, reason is still the mobile end less attractive. And I think the use of this fast-growing strategy, ecological damage for Windows, this benefit is far greater than the present. Is likely to be picked out sesame lost watermelon. And, under the experience of the blackberry and the realization of the blackberry (though the way is completely different), Microsoft such practices, will make Windows ecological cannot effect a radical cure of cancer, remains to be seen. But for developers, this is a major positive, can quickly the transplantation of the implementation of the application. Greatly reduce the development cost, reduce a lot of trouble.

6, the Spartan finally attained, HoloLens continue black science and technology detonation table

code Project Spartan new browser in today’s finally an official name – Microsoft Edge, its support for fast Chrome extensions transplantation. In “The Next Chapte” conference appear black HoloLens of science and technology continue to enlarge at The conference. It has absorbed the NASA, Unity, Legendary, Autodesk, Disney and so on a large number of heavyweight partners, in the medical, architecture design, entertainment, games, video, and other areas of the business will play an important role, when the only suspense will be its commercial.

7, other

of course, the optimization of Microsoft or the Windows 10 was changed, for example, Cortana has been integrated into the Windows start menu 10, and can be directly through the depth of the launched application voice commands, joined the Spotlight increase lock screen exploratory, USES a new start menu, and shows the Continuum for mobile phones launch is suitable for the function.


can be seen from the above, Microsoft has done a lot of effort, its fundamental purpose is to attract developers will refocus attention back to the Windows ecosystem, promote the Windows ecosystem in the era of mobile Internet boom. And this for developers to Build 2015 conference, for Microsoft, its importance can say more than several times about the Windows in front of the conference. nullnullnullnullnullnullnull