Bud in the United States: focus PGC demonstration teach you sprout beautiful beauty makeup

(text/Zhang Nanqian)

bud in the United States App is developed by xiamen dream horse technology of a mobile phone software, focusing on women’s beauty makeup tutorial, the current version of the android and apple has been launched. Product team to introduce cloud network hunting, bud in the United States is a subsidiary of the “horse” dream of the name, derived from Yu Haizi poem – to dream for the horse. The company was established last year. The project’s founder, a total of three: Yao Dongxu, members participated in qq online, the core of the micro cloud development, is also a jewelry community business technology partners; Jerry, was the founder of the joy around; Zhou qiang, a former product director before the picture show, self-employment projects have household shoppers.

after 20 years of development, China’s cosmetics market has reached more than 220 billion world-class scale, “her economy” centered on women are strong rise of the network media properties will be stimulated sensitive women consumption psychology, the amplification effect. In the beauty of the great economic potential in the market, not only the birth of B2C electrical business giants such as beauty is superior and bees, also has emerged a group of dedicated mobile pink applications such as in the field of cosmetics vertical (before the cloud network reported) hunting, beauty class beauty makeup, bud in the United States is also one of this army.

compared with similar products, what is the distinguishing feature of bud in the United States at the community operating on? Founder Zhou Jiangyong simple two word: “restraint”.

as we have learned, beauty makeup the social circle is called bud bud in the United States do honey, it is in the first stage operation is completely closed, only talent MM can upload by post. Before he slowly developed a normal user permissions, but all posts after audit to community on the Po. “The aim is to early to advertising completely ruled out, to reduce the noise, the high quality of the content presented to the user, sets up the content after benchmarking form a virtuous circle of the community.” Bud in the United States media manager nana tell hunting cloud network.

bud in the United States adopt the content + community structure, the current phase content generation mechanism focusing on PGC to generate content (major), short video and graphic tutorials in parallel. “This lesson and beauty makeup look like, but the content of the bud in the United States is generated by signing up to the people behind, rather than homemade team.” Yao Dongxu, founder of the bud in the United States, “to the future the contents of PGC demonstration and tonal, the team plans to gradually transition from PGC to UGC (user generated content), encourage more users to participate in content production, the bud in the United States as a flat to Taipei, role will transition from content producers for the rules and the style guide.”

about the business model, the bud in the United States team, said that “has not been too much consider commercial profits and a possible future direction is guides, 2 it is like a mushroom street, beautiful said to attract people to move into, create content and dominate sales.” We have learned, bud in the United States in late February was the count angel round.