Bud honey baby into O2O path: red, yellow, blue, early education directly into the park

in maternal and infant class cross-border electricity after rapid rise, bud baby honey and galloped to the offline channel sinks, unlike jingdong self-built offline store, distribution team, the company adopted a portable path.

today, honey buds baby announced with domestic red, yellow, blue, a joint venture, children’s education institution by the latter in the more than 300 cities of more than 300 homes in the country to develop offline channels, in the commodity display, the user can sweep through the phone code order. Shoot at the same time, honey baby will also through his red, yellow, blue channel sales early education products. Founder of the both sides will work together as joint chiefs of staff chairman of the joint venture.

to reach cooperation is a key factor is a common investors – very serious fund founder xiao-ping xu. When honey bud founded early in 2013, xiao-ping xu as angel investors in the investment. In addition, he also is red, yellow, blue, and investment as a company director.

cooperation opportunity for both sides, xiao-ping xu said very directly, after mastering a certain user base, traditional educational institutions need to find new profit point, and maternal and child electricity and more blood need to constantly add new users, old old user viscosity and repeat purchase rate, the two sides demand matching degree is higher.

compared to the whole category e-commerce sites, honey bud as a focus on cross-border class from the user’s platform, gather in the city middle class consumption housewife, supplies, the continuity of the education for their children, with red yellow blue honey bud of maternal and infant products/product has independence and inheritance. It also conforms to the bud honey baby expansion in addition to the demand of the milk powder, diapers and other non-standard products, such as food, clothing, utensils, etc.

for red, yellow, blue, also can provide more service to expand the business category. Founded in 1998, the early education institutions focus on the range of 0 to 6 years old, has built the red yellow la qinzi field, red, yellow, blue, bamboo pocket kindergarten early education suits the three education brand, in the whole nation at present more than 300 mature has nearly 300 qinzi field and more than 300 kindergartens.

according to introducing, red yellow blue will soon become the garden in the country to the deployment of O2O. Will be held across the country with the cooperation or more children forms to carry out the cooperation mode of virtual electricity shelves, through the guide line, mobile terminal for cancel orders, package is tie-in, activity and provide more services.