Bring Google benefits to society, a former Google employees financing millions of starting a new database

spencer kimball from Google after leaving office, he found himself has always been to use custom software to charge inside the company. So he called to a group of like-minded as from Google’s departure as his friends decided to begin to like custom-made software design. And now, they are going to let everyone can enjoy the welfare of the custom software, ambitious, by the way to create the next super company like Google or Facebook.

exactly, kimball heart Spanner is read by the Google database system, also is a and he wants Spanner about function of the software. Spanner is designed to take into account the potential of millions of the data on the database server, even if a few server, or a bit more serious, the whole data center paralyzed accident, a Spanner this powerful tool, Google’s service is still can continue to run online. However in reality as the size of the very few companies have Google, but most of the other company is very need software like Spanner, in a large number of the system can continue to maintain the company’s online and automatic balance between server resources.

in the early years, still work at Google, kimball and his colleagues are not responsible for the design and maintenance of Spanner, but they are often used in his project to the Spanner. And found similar product of Spanner is not on the market, they decided to use the Google white paper on an open Spanner, an open source database in design – CockroachDB himself.

since last February, after the official launch CockroachDB quickly attracted a large number of participants, speed the progress of the project, however, has always been an ideal team is better than expected. Until now, the software is still in the experimental stage. Then kimball and eight others developers resigned from his job as Google established the Cockroach Labs. Nowadays, the start-up announced $6.25 million in financing has been completed, the vc firms take part in the financing Benchmark, Google Ventures and sequoia capital.

Google , is everybody’s

a long time, Google released a lot of important innovation, a company of white paper. Thanks to Google’s share spirit, in the past ten years, people have developed many important software. CockroachDB project team also is not the first to attempt to Google’s internal technical team to the masses.

two white paper files from Google inspired the Hadoop open source data operation system design. After the reform of large data base is based on Hadoop, now from Facebook technology companies to large financial services company to the national security agency, everyone in the use of Hadoop.

at the same time, a data storage system on inside Google BigTable paper file to promote the innovation in the field of database design tide, one of the most famous is the no. Until today, the design concept of BigTable has affected the Apple, Facebook, Netflix, the survival of more companies and database design. But Google itself have already started to study the Spanner, and claims that Spanner can be achieved in the case of minimizing weigh the scale of the extraordinary, especially in the case of considering the server data consistency.

Cockroach Labs believe similar Spanner database before long will be like today’s Hadoop, no special important significance, because this database will allow small companies also benefit a lot.

“Spanner, compared to a great innovation of CockroachDB is a simple deployment,” kimball, stressed that “even if your application is very simple, you can still install a CockroachDB instance on the computer, and then with the development of your company’s business gradually expanded to hundreds of thousands of servers.”

the next innovation

kimball admitted Spanner may represent the current database development at the forefront of technology, but this situation will last long. He pointed out that the traditional relational database of Oracle and other companies sell dominated the market for decades, and the emergence of a new wave of no database is less than ten years, but Google has to develop a new database technology. The development of the technology faster and faster.

“innovation has only just begun,” kimball said. “now I need to do most is to speed up the pace of innovation.”


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